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Throughout its history, Afghanistan has continuously put an effect on security in the world. This took a different direction around nine years ago when the federal government of United States came up with military forces to counter Afghanistan (Nachtwey, 13). This came after attacks on the United States around the same period (Lansford, 20). When this happened, the government of Britain joined hands with the United States in the operations. When the United States army took on the Al Qaeda and Taliban followers it has been a constant struggle that has left thousands killed who in this case are innocent ordinary individuals (Nachtwey, 16).

Firstly, the war emanated from attacks on 2001 after the government of United States came up with a vigilante who they deduced had the objective of eliminating and putting to an end the terrorist operations of Al Qaeda which were deemed a threat to the United States and the world at large (Nachtwey, 17). In order to effect the operations the United States forces joined hands with the opposition of Afghanistan and held the Taliban hostage (Cooley, 18). This blend to a new line of attacks where the terrorists would aim at certain regions and use explode them. The military claimed that they had embarked on a mission to unearth Osama Bin Laden alongside his cohorts who head the Al-Qaeda besides putting to an end the Taliban organization who were their close allies. They categorically stated that, in their line of duty, they will not spare any existing authority that was joining hands with terrorists (Nachtwey, 20).

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The United States, closely with Britain were brought on board by the United Nations to commit their specially trained forces to upload Taliban its power (Cooley, 20). The United States was determined to do anything within their power to squeeze the Taliban to bring Osama bin Laden (Nachtwey, 23). The methods among them were to put pressure on it for sometime. It was then agreed that they would be given the final option to comply failure to which attacks directed towards anti-Taliban forces would be launched (Lansford, 76). It was then observed that if still that does not bear fruits, a coup will be the next cause of action to put Taliban to an end. They would later put in place a government that is more sensible (Nachtwey, 27).

The first team among those recognized was from the CIA department who immediately went to Afghanistan and commenced the attacks. They were later joined by the army from the Special Forces unit (Lansford, 25). These two collaborated with the opposition right on the fields. Other nations like Britain also sent their forces with other nations giving their full support for this to happen (Cooley, 29). When the United States committed their first attacks it was all in the newsrooms and the president announced that they were mainly targeting terrorists and forces of the Taliban. He went ahead to confirm that the starving masses due to the continuing havocs would be fed (Cooley, 30). Later, a tape from Osama bin Laden was in the offing warning against any attempts by the United States to attack Afghanistan and its environs. This was purported to have come prior of the bombings (Cooley, 32).

With most of the attacks channeled towards towns of Kabul among others, it took only several days to destroy the Taliban forces. After this had happened the focus was shifted towards on the communication system which definitely left no room for Taliban to get at each other (Lansford, 100). With the Taliban soliciting for back ups from other places the attacks were gaining momentum each day with more efforts to attack some places being whispered (Lansford, 101). As time progressed, the Taliban forces ran out of ideas on how to attack their enemies and some of them surrendered and this made it easier for the United States forces (Lansford, 101). Further plans to frustrate the activities of Taliban were hatched. It was decided that the source of war gadgets and food should be dealt away with and attacks should shortly follow on Kabul. This was carried out successfully (Lansford, 101).

With attacks still taking place, Taliban started surrendering but most of them would not still give up but continued with attacks and this brought death to one American soldier (Nachtwey, 43). The war was put on hold for almost one week as the opposition had started to take over the government. Though the Taliban were uprooted from power, their organization is still slowly but surely recovering from attacks (Lansford, 201). This has led to Afghanistan still experiencing the dealings of Taliban such as drug trafficking and a government dominated by corrupt officials (Nachtwey, 45).

In conclusion, early last year the United States president confirmed his government is stopping at nothing to put all terrorists on hold. He gave his word on increasing more forces in order to curb terrorists operations (Lansford, 201). The incumbent president of Afghanistan, in a conference attended by heads across the globe announced that he was making efforts to approach the Taliban for peaceful negotiations (Lansford, 203). The launching of war by United States and other interested countries has been criticized by many in the world. Many people argue that it is the innocent who suffer and that peaceful talks should be given an upper hand. Finally, I would advocate for one more mission to bring Osama bin laden on board and let him pay for all the evil deeds he has committed ( Lansford, 205).

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