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Al-Qaida is a world terrorist organization formed by Osama bin Laden.  It’s a wave whose mission is to make jihad global and firm interpretation of sharia law. It has done several attacks on the worlds countries like USA; United Kingdom etc. different versions on the attack has been launched ever since the 9/11 attack, ranging from conspiracy theory to government information desk done by the investigation services. One may ask was it a government plan to attack its own people. Or was it a coincident. E.g. why did the building fall vertically down wards yet the plane strikes the building horizontally at the top of the building. Moreover, the attack might have been planned, justified and prepared by the al-Qaeda as determined bellow.  

The main reason why the al Qaeda conducted the attack on USA was because of their foreign policy on other countries. The attack on Iraq was based on the interest that the USA government had on their oil production. This country produces large volume of oil in the world. The USA government relies mostly on oil for their production industries; this is to maintain the lifestyle of the people living in this country. Moreover, the USA government wanted to remove the dictators of the world as they were posing threat to the government. As a result of this the USA government acquired some enemies.

In addition, Iraq followers of al Qaeda were to make the jihad a global religion. Countries close allies to the USA government such as Egypt and Israel who is Jews made the regime become furious as they were an obstacle. E.g. most of the USA fighting weapons such as guns is transported to these countries. The bun of flight to the Iraq government making it a no flying zone made several innocent children to die; the al Qaeda claims that the government of USA didn’t show any concern, this made the regime to plan an attack to compensate for their losses. Moreover, the Islamic law states that a person can use his or her soul to show Jihad the loyalty.

The USA government supported Saddam in the Iraq-Iran War because of a main reason. Recall. When Iran wanted to change the worlds trading oil currency to Euros the USA government had to defend the title by only allowing the oil currency to be in terms of dollars. This was to weaken the USA currency hence affect the economy.

Planning of the attack by al Qaeda must have been done more keenly and secretly. Just after the 9/11 attack Osama communicated to the USA government that he was responsible for the attack. When the Navy Seal conducted a secrete attack on the Bin Laden compound in Pakistan, they found a treasure trove of information in the seized documents. The information was evidently in the DVDs and computers as suggested by the Navy SEALS.

Moreover, through hand written information obtain, Osama was still planning attack on various cities and hot spots such as underground trains. They were to strike New York, Chicago, Washington and Los Angles on Christmas, dates like 4th July and UN official opening days. More information revealed they were to conduct an attack on train during the 10th anniversary of 11/09/2001 at unknown location in the USA.  This vividly describe an evident that the al Qaeda was responsible for the 9/11 attack.

The preparation of the al Qaeda Attack is based on a well-structured network this includes: command network, field operatives, insurgent forces, financing and strategies. The command is to provide training and expertise. The field operatives consist of individuals who have undergone military training and are in a position to command insurgent forces. These forces consist of those within the country and those being trained in the other parts of the world. They are intelligent and have education level up to the university, this enable them to come up with quick ideas and solution to a problem whenever a need arises. Financing of this regime was majorly contributed by the Osama Bin Laden, as time goes by there are several sources from individuals and politicians. Their strategic plans are often conducted with minimum error allowance as they must be accurate and swift. Through all these elements of preparation they are in a position to deal with any situation that arises.

After the attack the Bush administration made several measures to improve their homeland and prevent another attack. They include: improve anti-terrorism intelligence since they are a key determinacy for the country protection against terrorism.  This was done through an order by the president to create a Terrorist Threat Integration Center that involve FBI,CIA, defense department, Attorney General and department of Homeland security. More extensive surveillance of suspicious individuals or groups since the attackers was living and trained in the USA.  The illegal entry of people and goods into the country within its borders and coastline are closely monitored.

In addition, increase transport security, protection against chemical attack, improve public health, and prepare first responders, protection of critical infrastructure, globalization dispute controlled borders to allow for global monitoring of people travelling within and outside the country and widely distribution of secrete information.

To enhance the domestic laws on terrorist attack, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was created whose aim was to protect the country from future attack. This department conducts training, exercise and equipment support to improve domestic preparedness. They were to conduct survey on the attack and get firs order responses; this was to assist the government creating a law regarding the terrorism attack.

In conclusion, though it’s part of a history, the attacks still remain a vital event that shocked the whole world. Several attack conducted worldwide majorly USA hot spots reveal that the al Qaeda attack was planned, justified and prepared. The trainings that are done by this group also add an evident to the case. Currently the attack by al Qaeda based in Somalia suggests a planned operation that resulted as a wave originated from core areas.

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