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The American civil war ended on April 9, 1865. Since then historians have been seeking for the reasons why the north won the war and the south’s confederacy was defeated. In this essay we will examine the reasons as to why the north defeated the south in the civil war.

Reasons why the north won. When the civil war broke out, the north otherwise known as the Union had several advantages than the south, or the Confederate. From manpower ratios where the north had about 22 million out of the total population of 31 million, the north had had greater amount of resources that the south did not have. The north was also blessed with large tracts of arable land used to providing food crops for its soldiers as well as money for its industries while the south used to use their arable land to grow cash crops. The north also had the advantage of an efficient transport system where it controlled two thirds of the 30,000 railroads.

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When the war started, the north had an already established government while the south took some time trying to reorganize itself establishing a government. During this time also, most of the industries were located in the north and this allowed the north to produce a huge number of rifles, ammunition and artillery enabling them to fight a protracted war. On the other hand, the south lacked any credible industries that could produce that kind of artillery. During this time, the north had an already navy while the south lacked even the resources to start one. Lastly the death of Stonewall Jackson, a leading war and a source of inspiration to the south, dealt a major blow to the southerners.


During the civil war, the northerners had several advantages against the south and this propelled them to winning the war. From an established army, to industries and enough food crops that fed the army and its population, the south was defeated by the north. The north was also blessed with an established navy, a large population and an efficient communication than the north. All these political, military, social and economic factors led to the defeat and finally surrender of the Confederates by the north.   

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