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In my opinion, the recession in 1982 was among the most challenging times for United States of America (Reagan, 1985). The first reason for selecting recession as the most challenging time is high unemployment rate and lack of money. Since America was known to be a giant, other nations expected America to support them in times of need. Secondly, it was at this time, other nations were trying to overtake America as a super power. Finally, America was a giant, but did not have the power to manipulate other nations. I think, the 1982 recession made America a restless giant because it was extremely difficult for America to control economy in the world. Nations like the Soviet Union were trying to become super powers and they had a stable economy. Lack of money to maintain and rebuild the military also made America to be a restless giant (Bowles, 2011). For these facts, I believe, 1982 recession was the most challenging issue for America.

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In my opinion, terrorism is a challenge affecting America in the twenty first century. In particular, the bombing of the twin towers in September 11 was the most challenging time in America (Englar, 2007). This is because the terrorists proved to the world that even the strongest nation or super power in the world could be broken. America had to pay with the lives of innocent people at the hands of terrorists. Additionally, I believe, that terrorism will be a great challenge to America in future. This is because many innocent lives will be lost and they will be forced to rebuild the nation once again. Secondly, America will never know when terrorism will hit them unlike the other challenges they can be able to predict. For these facts, terrorism is great challenge in the twenty first century both present and in the future.

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