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In his speech the president addressed some of the moral issues and the anticipated strategies. He made it clear that happiness is not all about money but the pleasure that comes as a result of achieving the set goals. The morals of the American people had greatly deteriorated in pursuit for riches and profits. The president encouraged the Americans to learn from their former mistakes which caused them so much pain by acknowledging that true destiny can only be obtained when they learn to minister to other people as well as themselves. He emphasized that high political position should not be the basis for selfish ambitions as well as wrongdoing as it has been in the past. The president made the people to understand that confidence can only thrive on some important aspects like honor, honesty, unselfish performance, faithfulness and sacred obligations.

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Since restoration of the Americans values and economic success needed ethnic changes and action the president informed his people that the time for change and action was then. The initial step in bringing the needed reforms was to get people to work therefore the government recruited workers. This step stimulated the use of the government’s primary resources. People were distributed to different places for adequate utilization of the primary resources. Plans to safe guard banking, investment and credit companies were laid. One of the most important things was to create a sound currency. The president made it clear to the people that international trade relations were of secondary importance to the established of the American government. He therefore gave priority to national recovery over international trade relations. There was need for the Americans to revive their pioneer spirit which was essential for its recovery. He finally charged the people to keep the good neighbor policy which restricts one to personal respect as well as the respect of the neighbor’s right while respecting their personal obligation as Americans.

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