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Free Example of Canadian Unions during World War Two Essay

1.The men travelled across country to find decent job in the time when there was extreme scarcity of resources and opportunities

2. Work camps were places with inhumane conditions, low wages, and no respect for the human being while being a “hobo” provided at least a sense of freedom and ability to decide what to do.

3. The workers started realizing their worth and refused to work for extremely low wages. Moreover, the demand for labor allowed them to demand this increase of wages.

4. MacDowell argues that the war situation created increased unrest and tensions between organized labor and businesses and politicians. The workers increased their demands and became politically active pushing for collective bargaining right and increased status if the worker.

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5. The main difference craft and industrial unions is in the source of bargaining power. While for craft unions this power came from the exclusivity of their skills and protection of the skills form other trades the industrial unions obtained power form the number of members regardless of their skills.

6. PC1003 enacted the right for collective bargaining as well as the certification procedure and defined a framework for labor-business relationships. Unlike the American Wagner’s Act, the PC1003 did not give the right to strike or lockout while under the ongoing agreement.

7. “Company unions” were heavily influenced by businesses, that is why there was a big concern as to their affiliations and priorities. They were outlawed in the later legislations.

8. Collective bargaining empowers workers to voice their demands and take a stand against businesses.

9. Collective bargaining achieved the status of legislation and there was no more need for strikes just to get companies’ attention.

10. Labor failed to accomplish a strong representation in the government and the degree of the labor’s participation in the decision-making process will never be as the movement has hoped. The wage controls were not completely removed as well.

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