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The capitalist crisis has broken out in the capitalist countries in 1929 as a result of the important progress in the USSR after the Socialist Revolution. The Soviet Socialist Revolution, which took place in Russia in 1917, has changed the world. It was a challenge to the capitalist world, as it had brought a new way of thinking, political and economic development. It was really threatening to the capitalist world because of its new ideas of industrialization in the economy and collectivization in agriculture. The new communist ideas, developed by Karl Marx and Lenin, were implemented in reality and had success at the end of 1920s. The industry in the Soviet Union was rapidly developing due to the Socialist industrialization. Because of this new policy, the Soviet Union`s industrial output was more than doubled in 1929, and in 1933, it grew till 201percent comparing to 1929. On the other hand, Germany`s industrial output in the same year had sunk to 66 percent, the USA – to 65 percent, in France it was 77 percent and in Great Britain – to 86 percent. These results and achievements of the Soviet Union had shown the superiority of the socialist system, what was really threatening to the capitalist world.

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In that period, Germany was weakened after the WWI by the economic crisis. German people were suffering because of unemployment, by the yoke of British and French bourgeoisie. German workers and peasants supported the German Communist Party, as they needed changes. This situation was threatening to the German capitalists, and they saw Gitler and his fascist party as a solution to their problem. They were eager to prevent socialist ideas to spread in Germany. That was one of the main reasons, why Gitler and fascists came into power in 1933 in Germany. The economic crisis, or so-called ‘Great Depression,’ was another reason why Nazi Germany under the leadership of Hitler came into power. The Germans headed by Hitler and his anticommunist ideas were involved into the WWII in 1945. The main enemy of that war was the Soviet Union and its new communist ideas that could be spread all around the western world, what was the main threat to the capitalist world.

Though Germany and its allies were better prepared to the WWII than the Soviet Union, they could not win. The USSR and its people were spiritually and ideologically much stronger than the fascists. They were fighting for their communist ideas. That is why they could beat Nazi-Germany and the allies.

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