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This case is about Carl a less experienced recruiter of ABC Inc. who has been working there for only six months and has been given responsibility for conducting an orientation program with 15 trainees. Carl always expected the successful accomplishment of the program, but before about a month ago after ensuring Monica he found that most of his processes for the program were still uncompleted with several problems. Carl was really panicked by those unexpected problems because it was his first opportunity to prove himself deserved for the job. But he had to confront several problems, where the central problems are the incomplete trainees’ processing, missing manuals and unreserved room for the orientation program. “When someone is asked how he would behave under certain circumstances, the answer he usually gives is his espoused theory of action for that situation. This is the theory of action to which he gives allegiance, and which, upon request, he communicates to others” (Weert &  Tatnall, 2005, p. 133). ‎This paper is going to diagnosis the problems with most probable way outs. The thesis of this case is that, without perfect planning, many problems can be arisen very suddenly within a process of something. The research interests include technological innovation, information technology in educational management, information systems curriculum, project management and electronic commerce (Weert &  Tatnall, 2005, p. 244). The principal outcome of this case study is the outline of what Carl should do in this situation to overcome his unexpected problems. This paper will critically analyze the problems with a prospective solution of the problems.

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Carl Robinson is a fresh campus recruiter who works for ABC, Inc. recruited successfully 15 trainees in early April in order to work for Monica Carrolls as the Operation Supervisor. It was the first recruitment effort of Carl and was to operate the orientation program also, but he did not consciously consider the time deadline of the new hiring process. For the purpose of making those hires ready for work from July he scheduled an orientation program on 15th June, but instead of hoping only this orientation will be done perfectly within time he did not make any well plan for having this job actually done. Carl was only so called confident that ‘he will get it done easily within time’ till before one month of the particular day and then he attempted to confirm the processes, when he unfortunately found most of the tasks uncompleted to make it on time.

In a study across various IS job classifications, Weert &  Tatnall (2005) states that systems development skills and interpersonal skills were common across classifications but programming skills were more important for entry level IS positions (p. 244). Carl faced actually four major problems in his orientation processing. Firstly, while he thought everything is perfect, and then he found that some of the trainees didn’t fill up the application form, even their transcripts are not included into the file. Secondly, trainees have not been gone through the drug test. Thirdly, he found only three copies of manual with several pages missing in each manual. And fourthly, when he went to visit the orientation room, he found that it has been reserved by another. These problems seem to be the main problems those hinder Carl to accomplish his goal of accomplishing the orientation program on 15th June. But there was a root problem of all these problems and that was Carl’s lack of proper planning of the program. As it was his first recruitment effort, so he did not posses adequate knowledge and experience to accomplish the program’s process successfully. If he had adequate knowledge and experience, then he might have a perfect plan and none of the problems would be faced by him.

There are two prospective solutions of Carl’s problems in order to solve his problems and accomplish his objectives. (Brooks & Goldstein, 2002, p. 89).

One solution is following as Carl has to establish a perfect planning including all of the key factors of the hiring process such as the schedules, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physical and drug test of the trainees. Into the plan he must include a proper timeline of all tasks, within which he need to accomplish those. He should not take absolute pressure of operating all tasks, but he should classify the tasks and assign them to several. He should only supervise all the performance of assignees. For doing all of these he might need much information, since he lacks adequate knowledge and experience. For this purpose he should consult with his superiors or experts inside or outside the company who have huge knowledge and experience. This consultation will allow him to know what kinds of problems may be arisen, how to plan for a perfect schedule or orientation, how to keep entire information securely as well as perfectly, and ultimately how to accomplish the goal smoothly with least possible errors.

In an instructional simulation, students learn by actually performing activities to be learned in a context that is similar to the real world (Weert &  Tatnall, 2005, p. 89). Another solution following as Carl can proceed with these problems individually solving one by one. Actually Carl’s problems are nothing but his faults. At first he has to undertake his first problem of incomplete records of some trainee. Here the task is to find out the trainees who have not yet completed the application and include their transcript on file. After including all trainees’ completed application and transcript on file the next task is to let them go through the compulsory drug test in clinic in order to be sure that they all are medically fit for the particular job. Then with all these documents he has to check out the orientation manuals, and identify what information is required and what is missing in the manuals. Compile all the information needed and furnish them as a perfect manual. Finally he has to solve his orientation room problem. Since the room as been reserved by Joe, so he has to find another room within the predetermined time of orientation. If Carl try hard he can do all of these tasks within the time.

Carl can utilize any one of the two solutions for solving his problems. Both the solutions recommended have prospects and constraints individually. It is found that specific technical skills were less important than basic technical skills and non-academic skills (Weert &  Tatnall, 2005, p. 244).

For the first one the prospects are, here the tasks are well furnished with well plan of each factor of hiring process; burden of tasks is reduced by classifying and assigning them to several individuals, so it will be accomplished more perfectly; and consultation with experts will assist to accomplish the job with least possible errors. And the constraints are, it will reveal the great fault of Carl to the Company’s seniors at his first effort; and it may increase the operation cost due to rescheduling and planning.

For the second one the prospects are, here it is possible to show Carl’s capabilities to company’s seniors; since the tasks are half done, so it will take fewer time to solve problems; and here the cost is less than the earlier one. And the constraints are, without having experts’ advise Carl perhaps can not completely solve the problem oriented tasks; and here problems may be arisen frequently due to Carl’s lacking of knowledge and experience;

Comparing both of the solution the first one seems to be the perfect solution for Carl’s existing problem in this case. Because if Carl go trough the second solution and become successful it might increase his image as his first job, but the possibility to be successful is more in using the first one rather than the second one. And even the first one seems to be the more possible solution of his problem instead of the second one.

A knowledge-based economy relies primarily on the use of ideas rather than physical abilities and on the application of technology rather than the transformation of raw materials or the exploitation of cheap labour. Knowledge is being developed and applied in new ways (Weert &  Tatnall, 2005, p. 132). The first recommended solution is the perfect solution for Carl, because as described in the case that after confronting the unexpected problems Carl absolutely broken down and extremely panicked. In this situation it is very difficult for him to go through the second solution individually. So Carl should take the assistance of his superiors in order to accomplish his first job successfully. 

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