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The First Great Awakening lasted about twenty years, from 1730 to 1750.  At first, there were two colonies, Anglicanes and Puritanes, which tried to establish authority over their territories. New settlers came with their thoughts and ideas; consequently, it became harder to control them. Early Colonial America was settled by different people. These people had different religious beliefs and life positions. One of the biggest problems was communication. Additionally, most people were not the members of the church. They were religious, but the church did not accept them. Early Colonial America had nearly 13 colonies. Each of them was separate from the others. Such situation led to the emergence of thoughts and behaviors that threatened authority which was established. In addition, the Great Awakening became a threat to the social hierarchy. 

Despite of regional, racial, and class divisions, the Great Awakening united all people.  The Great Awakening gifted Christianity to African slaves. Of course, the old authority was against it, and they did not admit new attributes. The old authority admitted doctrines and rituals, and new authority admitted personal firmness and attitude towards religion. The aim of the First Great Awakening, first of all, was to change church members and their attitude to rituals.

Of course, every group accepted such changes in their own way. Most people in the different colonies were not educated at all or their education was minimal. It was the first time when people could come to God without special education. People had not been elected to some communities, and religion was accessible to all people. The person him/herself became the most important for church but not his/her position in the community.  

In addition, the First Great Awakening had political consequences. It has bonded many colonies. It was the first time of bonding different communities.

The Great Awakening was a reaction against the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment was the period in history when people tried to explain some natural processes with the help of science. It was contrary to religious beliefs of that time. In length of time, it led to the Revolution.

As for me, thanks to the Great Awakening, the attitude towards God, the church, and religion was changed completely. Thanks to such events, America started to form. Moreover, I think that without Awakening, there would have not been Revolution. Great Awakening is the root of Revolution. Revolution leaders supported religious liberty. With this statement, they attracted whites of the middle and lower-class, because they wanted to be independent.

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