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Introduction and definition of an Empire

An empire refers to a geographical association of people and states which is ruled and united by a monarch or an oligarchy. It can be a business enterprise or a political faction of either city, regional or national scale. Some 20th century empires include Ethiopia, Vietnam, German Empire and others. In an empire, the association is usually based on subordination and domination of the weak economies by the strong economies. Empires control and manipulate their colonies through the use of force.

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How an Empire Grows

Empires grow and become vibrant due to a number of factors such as military conquest, growth of powerful monarchies and self declarations. In the past, this was augmented by having a common culture or religion to strengthen politics and government structures. Empires grew economically through taxes from conquered states services provision to its subjects and well structured administrative layers both locally and nationally. A strong economy controls the weaker one and thus making it dependable in all aspects (Howad 45).

Typical Functions of an Empire

Both traditional and modern empires have various functions within and without the borders. It serves as a symbol of unity among the people and sometimes offering spiritual guidance to subjects. Others include service provision, security and military protection, infrastructure, collection and appropriation of taxes. They also help their subjects to exploit the natural resources so as to build and strengthen their economic states (Howad 57).

Reasons why Empires Demise and Decline

However, the demise and decline of empires is multifaceted. The main causes are political, military, economic and other social institutions disintegration. Some like the Roman Empire had special factors like diseases, language change, social transformation and clash of different civilizations. All these lead could make the whole empire to collapse thus; making it less significant in its undertakings (Howad 78).

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