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Erik Voeten, in international organization tries to argue that Security Council (UNSC) and the UN are very legitimate more than ever before despite the claims that UN has been going through a crisis of legitimacy. "The Political Origins of the UN Security Council's Ability to Legitimize the Use of Force" is a really good article of all times by Erik Voeten. In this article he argues the case of the UN legitimacy. This is for the reason that there is a better expectation by many member countries that independent states will take their disputes to the United Nations Security Council or that member states will be able to seek permission from the united Security Council before intervention by the military. According to him many countries would prefer to use the United Nations as a constraint on the United States and the United States of America nonetheless gets to find the United Nations Security Council useful most often and this includes over the period of the Bush administration.

Erik Voeten lets us know that as far as the output is concerned, and especially in operations to do with peacekeeping the united Security Council has been more effective in productivity that it was over the period of cold war. According to his ideals it would be a good idea if a weighted majority voting could replace the veto, and if the five permanent members permanent membership could be replaced by a set of rules that would make sure that there is fair representation of the states that contribute a great deal to the organization and representation of the strongest states.

According to Erik Voeten, the set of rules should accommodate the changes in the international distribution of power and also put into consideration the international distribution of influence. However, this could take a long time to see the light of the day. It would take a real shock a major United States effort or to the system and the system might not be adequate putting into consideration the effects of the United States policy for the last eight years.

On the responsibility of the United Nations to intervene in humanitarian crisis end, Erik Voeten argues that it is a difficult issue. Also on the issue of where the regional organizations have to pick up and start cleaning their ‘mess’, Erik Voeten tries to show that it is a difficult task. For instance there are many voices arguing that United Nations should get into Sudan in full force. But looking at similar endeavours in Afghanistan, Iraq, or looking at a good number of United Nations PKOs, there is a high possibility that such an intervention might not be clean and swift enough.

In such a case there would be formed another permanent police force and it would be difficult to figure out how to bring it to a close. Looking at the international system, there is accumulation of a set of places that seems like a new model territory where third party armed forces cannot leave a peaceful environment without a probable eruption of a civil war. It is therefore clear that an intervention in Sudan would lead to a new model protectorate and this would not be a warranted approach in such a case.

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