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Various events have taken place form 1940s to the present age. The main event that took place in 1940 was the Second World War. The Second World War occurred in the first half of 20th century, which had a reflective outcome on most republics and individuals in Europe, Asia, and America. Effects of the war lasted until the end of the decade. A war-torn Europe was divided among the domains of the West and the Soviet Union.

Internal and External Rigidities in the Post-war Epoch

To some extent, internal and external rigidities in the post-war epoch were succeeded by new institutions. These included the United Nations, welfare state as well as the Bretton Woods system, ensuring the post World War II prosperity. This boom persisted until 1970s yet, the conditions of the post-war period invigorated decolonialization besides rise of new countries and regimes. India, Pakistan, Israel, Vietnam and other countries declared liberation. The decade too witnessed the first phases of prompt innovation in technology, which encompassed computers, nuclear weapons as well as jet momentum (Thomas, 2008). These technologies were first industrialized due to their relevance to the war and were later modified and enhanced in the post-war epoch.

After the 1940 voting, Franklin Roosevelt was elected for a third term as a president of the USA. Germany enslaved five thousand Jews in Paris to labor sites and segregated Jews in Warsaw and Poland into a confined ghetto. Jews were forbidden from appearing in open places without wearing a star. They were also not supposed to leave domestic areas without police authorization. Hitler ignored the German-Soviet peace agreement and attacked the Soviet Union. The attack was unsuccessful due to the severe Russian winter, which made the German war engines fail to surmount Moscow.

The Japanese attacked the US base at Pearl Harbor on Sunday, December 7, 1941. During the bombing over 350 Japanese aircrafts sank twelve US vessels and destroyed over 300 airplanes (Wright, 1998). Approximately 2,300 soldiers were murdered and 1,100 were injured. More than 1,100 men on the battleship Arizona died and the vessel sank. President Roosevelt alleged that December 7, 1941 was a day of infamy and declared war against Japan.

Both United States of America and USSR appeared as world superpowers after World War II. Though they were allies during World War II, the disagreements between the two countries regarding the political systems (democracy and capitalism vs. communism) marked the beginning of a new period of joint resentment. As the two world powers created strategies to develop nuclear weapons, the Cold War began.

In the entertainment sphere, jukeboxes were in mass manufacture by the time of 1946. Soap operas were broadcasted on television with popular shows like Faraway Hill. Further, the musical by Irving Berlin called Annie Get your Gun was a hit during the time. Additionally, the  book by John Hersey Hiroshima and the novel byRobert PennWarren All the King's Men were highly popular among citizens (Wee, 2004). People went to the cinemas to watch The Best Years of our Lives, which described reformation of relations between people when their relatives and loved ones come back home. Other popular movies of the period included The Yearling, The Razor's Edge, as well as Its a Wonderful Life. 

In the field of architecture, building one-story and two-story houses, widely known as the ranch style homes, became a tendency in post-war house building. In the field of education, Dr. Benjamin Spock wrote a popular book Baby and Child Care. Inventions in communications were also made and telephone numbering plan was established.

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In 1947 Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier of the time. The Dead Sea Scrolls were also revealed during this era.  Jewish exiles boarded the Exodus and returned to their country. Polaroid cameras were designed and put to test, indicating an entity into the world of technology. The Big Bang theory was developed and the Dewey Defeats Truman became a common feature in the news. This year the famous Indian leader Mahatma Gandhiwas murdered. Further, the strategy of Apartheid was developed as the state of Israel was established in 1949. China also became a communist state and the first non-stop aircraft that could travel around the world was discovered.

In 1949 the US joined NATO. The treaty became an agreement for conjoint protection between USA, France, Netherlands, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, and Belgium. Later, the Soviet Union tested an atomic bomb, which was meant to kill individuals in a war.

In the entertainment world, various musical were popular like South Pacific and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and the play Death of Salesman. The most significant books of the year included the book which discussed an issue of male discrimination towards women called The Second Sex as well as Norman Vincent Peale's optimistic book Guide to Confident Living (McCullagh, 2003). Milton Berle hosted the first broadcast, and the Emmy Awards for television began. The movies that were popular during that time were Twelve O’clock High, Sands of Iwo Jima, Battleground, and The Third Man. 

During that time a new music style called bebop emerged. Popular jazz artists of the time were trumpeter Miles Davis, saxophonist Charlie Parker, pianist Earl Powell, pianist-composer Thelonious Monk, and drummer Max Roach. Jazz bands that were directed by Stan Kenton and Dizzy Gillespie became popular at the time.

In the 21st century there were several important changes that took place like the inauguration of the president of the United States George W. Bush in 2001. The International Criminal Court was also established in 2002 as well as the state Switzerland become a member of the United Nations (Hochman, 2007). Later, conflicts in Darfur-Sudan took place, during which the president was tried by ICC due to the mass killings in the country. By the year 2003, US-led coalition declared war against Iraq and overthrew the regime of Saddam Hussein. The European Union extended their territories including eight communist states in 2004. In the same year series of bomb attacks by the Islamic militants occurred, which killed 191 people in Madrid, Spain.

The state of Israel withdrew their forces from Gaza in the year 2005. Montenegro state became a member of the United Nations. Hezbollah troops crossed the border of Lebanon and captured the Israel troops. In the year 2006 bombs that were placed on a train in Mumbai exploded killing 209 people. In 2009 Barack Obama was elected as the first African-American president of the United States of America. In 2011, Muammar Gaddafi was killed as well as the leader of Al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden.

The events discussed above appear to be the most notable in history. They impacted the whole world. They affected the history as well as education, social, and political system of several states. Finally, they prove that the world constantly changes over the years and people have to remember significant events of the past.

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