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This was the inauguration of the 32nd United States president which happened on March 4 of the year 1933. The inauguration happened at a time of the great depression as a result of the aftermath of the Second World War. The main issue that was facing Americans at that time was the great economic depression; this issue was facing the utmost world. The economic depression lasted for about ten years in most countries and it was widespread and the longest depression in the entire 20th century. Due to the happenings of the time, the Americans eagerly waited for the inaugural speech of the incoming president who was Franklin Roosevelt. The origin of the great depression was America with the stock market crash. It’s important to remember that it was the last inauguration under the Twentieth Amendment terms. The inauguration was conducted at beginning of Roosevelt’s landslide victory.

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At that time the incoming president was on great pressure due to the economic situation at the moment. Roosevelt took his oath from the present American chief justice who was Charles Evans Hughes. The presentation addressed the American people via the radio and in his speech; Mr. Roosevelt unleashed the plans for a new deal. After the inauguration, the new president called for a meeting at the white house with his Cabinet designees. In his speech, the present touched on the American's expectations of his addressing the issues that were currently facing them. He vowed to tell his citizens the ultimate truth with much honesty about the things that were happening at that particular time. In his speech, there were words of hope as well as encouragement. The president told the citizens that they were going to endure as they had done before and through this endurance they will be able to rise on their feet and thrive as they hand done before.

In his speech the presented expressed his feelings and encouraged the people to fear no more, that was the reason why he told them that if there was anything to fear then its fear itself. Mr. Roosevelt described fear as unjustified terror that hinders advancement as well as unreasoning. He recommended the American people for their courage, support and understanding which they had shown in choosing a leader despite of the underlying circumstances. The president further expressed his expectations of great support and understanding from the people as he takes office and the responsibility to lead the Americans. The president expressed his difficulties in relation to the difficulties that the people were facing. The greatest encouragement was that the problems at the time were on the basis of material things. He basically touched the various problems which were facing the American people

The ideas and values revealed about the culture of the Americans

The great investment of Roosevelt to the American people was the new deal. The president established strategies which were meant to bring social reforms in order to lift the depression burden. The president enacted a labor relief act which was aimed at creating labor unions. The set unions were enabled to negotiate with the available companies. Americans had not had any independence in their old age and these are some of the issues that were addressed by the new president through his new deal. Americans were given a pension plan; this plan was fully backed by the federal government. For instance the Americans were expected to give 3.5% of their annual wages to the government in return to a monthly support that was to come when a person attains sixty five years. Before Roosevelt took office child labor was rampant in America but the new leadership lifted this burden and ill off the shoulders of the Americans. In attempt to rescue the current economic situation the federal government pronounced a minimum wage that a worker was entitled to.

The present looked into all aspects that were a burden to the Americans. For instance the theater people who had been rendered jobless because of the new technology were greatly supported by the new government. On addition to that the president tried all means to create new job opportunities for the civilian for instance; he introduced state works like beatification of the state parks and these was a creative way of creating jobs for the jobless. The president did all these because of the issues that he had mentioned in his speech. Some of the challenges which were mentioned by the present in his inaugural speech include deteriorated values, increased tax, and low income.

The great unemployment that resulted from the economic depression which followed the Second World War was the driving factor that made the president to creatively devise strategies that were going to lift these problems from the American people. The president continued to encourage his people by discouraging them from fearing. He encouraged the American people to keep believing just like their forefathers have done. Mr. Roosevelt did not try to magnify the issues of that moment in the eyes of the American’s instead he motivated them to rise from their agony and distress and work towards abounding success and victory. Americans were encouraged to follow the right ways and to apply social values which were essentials to community development. Therefore Americans were encouraged to place social values before pursuit for monetary and material things.

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