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Early life experience of an individual is best explained with Sigmund Freud’s life. The life of Freud acts like a get way to other early childhood development of all the other people in the world today. Freud was born in Freiberg, in the Czech Republic. He was born to a father who was unsuccessful merchant. The father’s textile business was able to support the family in Freiberg just before they gave birth to a Sigi Sigmund brother. Due to financial constraints the family had to move to Leipzig later to Vienna. Freud was born to an authoritarian and strict father (Sigmund 23).

With regards to the father’s characters, he recalled his childhood hatred, rage, and hostility towards his father. In the psychoanalysis theory, he says that he felt superior to his father at the age of 2. According to Freud he was born to an attractive and slender mother. In addition, the mother had been loving and at most protective towards his first born son (Freud). The mother’s personality made him felt sexual attachment to her a case that he later explains in his concept of Oedipus complex. Freud theory mirrors his life experience as a child hence it can be considered as an autobiographical (Dabrin 112).

Freud started portraying his degree of self- confidence, an ambition to succeed, fame and dreams of glory at his early life. Basing on his mothers support and confidence in him, he wrote that a man who has been winning the favorite of his mother always feels the spirit of a conqueror and success. Freud family was composed of eight children (Darmin 67). He resented all of his brothers and become jealous when there was a competition of affection from them.

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Like the other sibling, Freud’s schooling began under his mother’s care. The father also contributed to his education as he grew older. He entered a German grammar school with an emphasis on Latin and Greek. Freud exhibited higher levels of intelligence at his early years making him enter schools one year earlier. He was always at the top of his class. He was fluent in Hebrew and German but also mastered English, French, Latin, and Greek. While, at school, Freud had also if interest in learning military history but due to the limited chances offers to Jews in Vienna he settled on medicine. He did not want to be a physician, but he knew through this course he is going to engage in scientific research that will bring the fame he has been anticipating. Freud completed his medical studies at Vienna University where he engaged in physiological research making a lot of contributions to the field.

At the university Freud formulated the psychoanalysis theory that grown from his memories and experiences. He developed the study from empirical and rational lines from his life with parents, memories through dream analysis and case studies as well as examining his childhood experiences. With reference to the theory, he developed individuals’ personalities and functions. Later in life Freud received an honorary degree from the University of Clark who had invited him for lectures after receiving recognition from American psychological community. 

Freud enriched his educational ambitions by the technique of psychoanalysis using three case history formulated from his life background (Hunsorn 34). He wrote a book on the analysis of Phobia in a five years boy; a case study of himself. In his early years Freud developed a link between him and the mother. The relationship developed is explained in a concept that he explains his theory; the boy child is strongly attached to the mother while the girl child is attached to the father “penis envy concept”. This concept helps to explain the relationship that Freud had with his wife. His marriage live was not well organized due to this behavior. According to Freud, the best explains that he did not fixate at the phallic stage. This is shown by his intellectual ability. He explains that his superego personality was well established making him succeed academically and also be able to urge will undertaking some research (Rahim 45).


Freud early childhood experience, family life, and education circulates in his theory of psychoanalysis. The theory is a pillar to explanation of like experiences and skills today.

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