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Lord of War is a political crime 2005 thriller movie starring Nicolas Cage. The movie was written and directed by Andrew Niccol. Its release was in the United States on 16 Sep. 2005. Lord of War plot is a detail of illegal arms market mostly concerning purchases in the early 1990s for Tropical Africa. It is based mainly on true stories and the migration of people from the former Soviet Union. The director, Andrew Niccol, bases his aim at the arms trade and shows how the most bloodied hands are not them that pull the trigger. In turns, character study, morality play, black comedy, and action drama, the movie literally kicks off with a bang although it missed the target (Hamid, 52).

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Nicolas Cage starring as Yuri Orlov is an emigrant from Ukraine from where his family pretended to be Jews so that they could be able to escape the oppression of the soviet settlement in Brighton Beach part of Brooklyn, N.Y., where they established a kosher restaurant. Yuri's life changed abruptly when he witnessed a Russian mob hit that he decided to be an illicit arms dealer in his endeavors to reach where money is: in wars. He does not seem to see black-and-white right and wrong. From his market's point of view, it is a simple demand and supply, no sides taken neither judgment passed, and no questions. He introduces his brother, Vitali (Jared Leto), to the business. Vitalis conflicted ethics leads him into cocaine addiction (Hamid, 52).

By combining salesmanship and moxie, Yuri abruptly goes up the gunrunning ranks. After not so long he becomes a supplier of weapons to world’s most renowned dictators. After the collapse of the soviet union, Dmitri (Eugene Lazarev), his uncle who was an army general in Ukraine helps Yuri to turn the soviets satellite's huge accumulation of military hardware in-store since Cold War melted into a profitable one-stop store for classified  Third World butchers and terrorists. War-torn Liberia’s brutal self-declared head Andre Baptiste Sr. was one of his regular customers. While in his globe-trotting tours to fatal war zones, he maintains a status of decency, with his medal wife, Ava, who is always delightful, although incredibly, unaware of her husband's dealings. Yuri could not escape his own conscience although he could be a step ahead of the law.           

Equivocations of Yuri about "the legality" of a deed, as contrasted to its decency, reverberates further than arms dealing per se to extensive debates about social justice, life issues and human rights. The serious social commentary of the satiric film's commentary and antiwar themes are weighed down at some instances with message-heavy melodrama (intended to make more humane Yuri) and regular action clichés that quagmire down the otherwise intelligent narrative. The most powerful visual part of the movie is where it traces a journey of bullet from a factory to a war zone in Africa and eventually to its heartbreaking final target: the head of a child fighter. With atrocious clarity and economy, this point argues the main theme of the film more effectively more than the other remaining two hours. This movie raises provoking questions about the consequences of illicit arms sales on global violence. The movie also brings into the spotlight the involvement of developed countries such as the United States in the propagation of armaments in Third World countries.

Lord of War has well-built images of brutality, sexual conditions with nudity, habitual drug content, racial stereotype, and insidious crude and rough language. Lord of War was legitimately sanctioned by a human rights group the Amnesty International for drawing attention to the trafficking of armaments by the global arms manufacturers (Amnesty International).

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