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Lysistrata by Aristophanes. Lysistrata is among the few existing artist works of Aristophanes. The play is comic in nature and discusses an extraordinary mission that women in Athens take to force men to stop Peloponnesian war. The play reveals the battle between two sexes in Athens that is female and male. In the play, there are many gains and losses that parties were involved in this battle gains, in the long run.

Through her persuasion to women to deny their husbands their sexual rights, women in Greek society win in one way. They show that they also have a say when it comes to matters of national importance. In the male dominated society, the power that is revealed by women shows that they can also contribute to making the society a better place to live. Through their efforts to withhold sexual rights from their husbands, they manage to influence them to withdraw from the battle. This helps them contribute towards bringing peace to their society. This is evident in case of Kinesias, who is forced by his wife Myrrhine to withdraw from the war, if he expects to receive sexual privileges from her.

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Another win that is evident in the play is that of women managing to withhold sexual rights of men, until they negotiate to the end of the war. This plays a key role, where women manage to air their grievances concerning pains that they have to go through, when men are busy in the battle field. This is a win for women, as they develop a platform on which to air their grievances in future.

Men lose in this battle of sexes; they end up giving in to the demands of women, whereby they negotiate to bring to an end the war. Their domination over women also comes to an end. They now come to treat women with respect, which is contrary to what they were doing earlier.

The Way of the World by Congreve.†

The play, which was written by Congreve, also reveals the battle between two sexes. The play is about two lovers Millamant and Mirabell. The battle between the male and female sexes comes in when two of them are looking for the consent of Lady Wishfort, who is Mirabellís aunt to give them her blessings so that the two can get marriage. In this battle, there are parties, which win, and other parties which lose the battle.

Mirabell wins the battle to get married with Millamant. He ends up getting the inheritance and consent from his aunt Lady Wishfort. Though, in the long run, he wins the battle he had to go through many hurdles to the point of losing the battle, but through his faith and persistence he wins the battle.

Millamant is another character who wins the battle in this play. She ends up getting married to the love of her life. Despite the resistance faced from the aunt of her lover, through endurance they marry each other, in the long run.

In this battle of sexes, Lady Wishfort, who is said to be bitter, loses the battle. Her plan to marry her nephew to another lady fails. She ends up going for help to her nephew who gives him conditions to consent to his marriage, and to give him all the inheritance amounting to 6000 pounds. WaitWell is another character who losses that battle, as he ends up being arrested for the plot they were making against Lady Wishfort.

The Importance of being Earnest by Oscar

This play by Oscar reveals the battle between male and female sexes in the society. The sexes are fighting over various issues surrounding life, such as love, honesty and respect for oneís dignity. There are many loses and wins in this battle.

Jack wins the battle in this play. He ends up winning the consent of Marrying Gwendolen, the daughter of Lady Bracknell. Though, through many struggles and pains, he wins the battle. He also ends up finding his lost family.

Gwendolen, though being earnest, wins the battle of marrying the man of her dreams. She refuses to marry a number of men which her mother had proposed to her. Through her earnest nature, she marries Jack, the man she had been dreaming of in all her life.

Lady Bracknell loses the battle in this play. She ends up giving consent to Jack, the man she had disrespected earlier, to get married with her daughter. She losses the battle, when she also learnt that the men she had approved as being suitable suitors of her daughter were engaged.

Through various battles in the play, the main theme of being earnest is the key determinant factor of those who losses and wins the battle of sexes in this play.

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