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Methods of controlling crimes and why there has not been a success in controlling crimes and relationship of various crime control strategies to social policy

One of the methods used to control crimes is the Beat Patrol that relates to the fact that an area is to be covered with the patrol team. The Beat Patrol may involve intensive patrol or permanent patrol. Another method is to use special task force such as Emergency Task Units in case of mob situation, disorderly crowds or prison break out.

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There has not been a success in controlling crimes because certain concerns make the process difficult to be attained. These include the decision of whether the criminal system should vindicate victims’ rights or protect the defendant’s rights (Curzon 43).

Major differences between social problems and social responsibility approach towards crime control. Social problems approach tries to investigate how the social and cultural forces make a person participate in a crime and then ensure that such forces are controlled. Social responsibility guarantees that a person is responsible, and he does not commit a crime when he does not perform it. It would be reasonable to use the social approach because the behaviors that a criminal has are brought by the experience he gets in the society.

Advantages of comparative criminology. There is a wide diversity that exists in terms of social, economic as well as political signs. Despite the existence of variations in the structure of an organization on the social categories such as family, these diversities can be used to compare two different social groups. It also allows diversifying theories across cultural as well as national regions. It allows the exposure of criminal laws used in one country to other regions of the world hence provide a wider hearing (Perkins 32).

How criminologists contribute to crime control or treatment policies. These are people who have the knowledge concerning criminal justice, and their role is to look for the ways in which the impact of a crime can be measured (Brody 21). They give ideas in policy making, concerning juvenile delinquency, drug addiction and crime prevention.  They also participate in community activities, state and local criminal systems.


As a new perspective in criminology, criminal justice, and sociology, cultural criminology is informed from wide scope of intellectual orientation. Reinventing the existing criminology studies, the criminologist and interactional sociologist are integrating insights from the modern, feminist thought, and constructionist idea; and incorporating the aspects of media, and engage all criminology aspects in a critical exploration of crime. Connecting the diverse intellectual perspectives is the cultural criminologist’s concern in regard to crime and crime control.

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