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The History of Environmentalism as a Political Ideology in the United StatesA political ideology refers to a set of coherent political views and the function of the polity. A political ideology is founded on consistency over a various issues. This paper intends to explore the history of environmentalism as a political ideology in the United States.

The history of environmentalism as an ideology in the U.S. dates from the period of the Industrial Revolution between 1730s and 1850s. This revolution led to unsustainable rise in the levels of mining, clearance of forests, and land drainage to support the United States. That situation induced few individuals to raise their voices against environmental degradation. Between 1850s and 1900s the ideology started spreading especially because the environmentalists began to be very vocal about the dangers and implications of environmental devastation. It was especially popular after American Henry David Thoreau (Longhurst, 2010).

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Between 1900s and 1950s the ideology of environmentalism spread even farther.  Continued encroachment into the forests caused by human activities lead to extinction of several species in the world’s biodiversity. However, actual environmentalism was born in the U.S. in 1960s (Longhurst, 2010). Within almost 100 years some concerned Americans continued to raise awareness of environmental destruction and encroachment caused by human activities.  Nonetheless, protectors of environment organized and galvanized a group that competed against Democrats and Republicans. The Green Party has represented this ideology after registering and establishing its membership.  Longhurst (2010) noted that this party has since actively participated in the American politics. It has won elections in Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and many other states.

In conclusion, environmentalism is a political ideology that has often been guided by the need to promote sustainability of the environment and its ecosystem. Though its start was not great, environmentalism is the ideology that guides nations in the war against global warming and climate change. 

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