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Power rivalry has been forwarded has another potential reason which propagated the cold war. It should be noted that after the second world the two unions emerged as the super powers of the war and due to the fact that they were enemies in the war there was that likelihood that they could try to measure up to each otherís standards. Conflicts arose as the two unions tried to outdo each other.† Apart from these two underlying reason which are said to have propagated the cold war, there are reasons which have been identified as the immediate causes of the cold war.†These are discussed below.

The Russian Influence in Europe. It has been reported that the Soviet Union had encroached its influence into Europe and by the fall of 1944 the Soviet Union is said to have had much influence eastern Europe. It is further reported that the Soviet Union through the Yalta conference had obtained the Curzon line making it the new boundary with Poland. This line also gave the Soviet Union some control of the eastern zone of Germany. Further reports have shown that towards the drawing near of the World War Two, the Soviet Union had made a considerable consolidation of her influence in the eastern region of Europe. Further reports have shown that the Soviet Union had a big influence in the eastern region of Europe that it could even intimidate the voters in those regions. It is reported that the key ministries in the regions under the soviet influence were always dominated by leaders who were inclined to communist opinions. It has been noted that the Soviet leader encouraged leaders with communism inclination to take over power in nations like Italy and France. This had a powerful effect because it has been noted that towards the end of 1946 the nations Italy and France had very strong parties which were inclined to communism. It was evident to the United States that the Soviet Union would eventually have much influence in the region of Europe as a whole taking into consideration that it had already acquired the Eastern region block.

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United States reacts to the Encroaching of the Soviet Union. At first most of the politicians in the US did not view the advances of the Soviet Union as a threat actually they hoped that at one time the Soviet Union could consider negotiating issues with the US. This made the US leaders not to advocate for strong resistance towards the Soviet Union movement. However after it was evident that the Soviet Union was bent on gaining more influence on the European continent, the US nation advocated for a strong resistance towards the actions of the Soviet Union; this is reported to have happened from 1945 onwards. This particularly happened after the death of President Roosevelt when Harry Truman took over as the president. Truman unlike Roosevelt did not believe that the communist could set up democratic nations especially in the Eastern region where communism presence was strong. This made the US to start a strong resistance towards the Soviet Union.

Other reasons which have been advanced the explanation of the cold war was that the US had just exploded its first atomic bomb and as such the president then saw that as an opportunity to forward strict measures towards the Soviet Union. It is further reported that Truman was not happy with the non co-operative attitude especially at the Potsdam conference. †This attitude led to a bad growth of relations between the US and the Soviet Union.

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