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Free Example of Roman Empire and Modern Society Essay

The Roman Empire is considered to be one of the most powerful and influential empires in the world history. It is difficult to imagine that this empire occupied vast territories in three continents, Africa, Europe, and Asia, and that its reign lasted for approximately 500 years. The Roman Empire is known for its outstanding people, military skills and achievements, architecture, trade, economy, engineering, legislature, art, literature, infrastructure, city-planning, and of course, influences in language. Without doubt, many spheres of the modern society have been influenced by the Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire is believed to be responsible for spreading the Latin language, which has become the basis of various languages, for instance, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc. Many words that are used in Modern English are of the Latin origin, for instance, cheese, pepper, wine, street, port, wall, cup, dish, butter, castle, cook, pea, pear, viaduct, cell, arc, camp, arena, etc (Online Etymology Dictionary). It is worth stressing that all these words were borrowed from Latin during the period when the Romans invaded Great Britain. For example, the word street originates from the Latin word “strata,” which means “to lay down, spread out, pave”. It is evident that the spelling and pronunciation of the word were changed in the process of the English language development.

As to some other English words, a lot of them are formed by means of roots, suffixes, or prefixes that are borrowed from Latin. For example, such words as international, intergovernmental, interbreed, interact, or internet are formed by means of the Latin suffix inter-, which has the meaning “among, in, or within”.

In conclusion, a lot of everyday things and words that are used in the modern society have a direct relation to the Roman Empire and Latin. The influences of the Roman Empire are far reaching and essential.

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