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Roman used several strategies during its Second Punic War and they were effective. First and foremost Rome had a manpower which was inexhaustible from the Italian allies. The strategy which was set by Roman kept on changing from its initial plan with an aim of limiting the resurgent power. Rome had strategies of attacking Carthaginian empire which was the financing center and North America by use of sea launched land attacks.

According to Parker & Tomlin (2001) the main ability of Roman strategy being able to control the sea lines of communication was a major advantage as it was able to supply large forces and they were able to maintain this advantage throughout the war. The strategies being used by Roman military changed again when their tactic failed. They concluded that there were no means they would have concurred Hannibal on the battlefield as they were much tactical. Hence, they adopted the policy of Fabius Maximus by encroaching the road network on the cities to ensure that Hannibals army in Italy does not get sufficient supplies to sustain the intense war which they had. Hence, with limited supply the Italian military were much disadvantaged over the Romans making them much more successful in the war.

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Romans were skillful on use of information which they possessed during the war that enabled them maintain their hold on allies (Parker & Tomlin, 2001). The Romans executed all the surviving Hannibalic supporters with an aim of concealing information only to them. Rome also changed its strategy further by ensuring that Hannibal was isolated in Bruttium which in turn mitigated the risks that were posed against Rome.  The strategies which were used by Roman were much superior to what Carthaginian had out in place because they reinforced success as opposed to failure and were able to treat their friends and allies much better as compared to Carthaginians.

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