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A dynasty is a hereditary kind of leadership where people from one family rule for a prolonged period of time. The Tang Dynasty was one of Chinaís most sophisticated traditional empires which existed around 700 AD. The empire got an impetus through migration from Northern to Southern China causing population upsurge. The dynasty was characterized by among others new technologies, contemporary items, rare luxury and cultural practices.

The fall of the Tang Dynasty and its impact on international Trade

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International trade thrived on new ideas in fashion, ceramics, furniture, silver smiting and musical instruments. Trade was through the greater canal system as depicted through maritime trade, overseas export and imports. However, the dynasty declined and collapsed in the 907 AD through a military leaderís rebellion. Throughout the decline period of the Tang dynasty, the government withdrew its management role in the economy. The governmentís style of governance stimulated trade. This was through the removal of bureaucratic systems in government (Howad 102).

During their period, new markets opened up for the maritime trade and overseas exports. The tax regimes changed with the introduction of semi- annual tax. This caused an emergence of a merchant class that shifted to the money economy. Government agencies during this period became economically powerful; for example, the salt commission. This resulted in government revenues thereby stimulating participation in international trade. The south prospered economically in the cities of Yangzhou, Suzhou and Hangzhou. There were also natural calamities that hindered exporting of items that China used to export. This affected their position in the international trade but also triggered initiation of other methods to counteract this. This was seen in irrigation promotion so as to increase productivity (Howad 114).

In conclusion, the emperors were determined to keep power at all means. Many countries withdrew their trade with the region when the dynasty fell but later went back after restoration of the structures.†

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