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In both the World War II and the great depression period women and the African American were disregarded but somehow these occasions led to the creation of opportunities for both women and the African natives.

The economic condition for these periods gradually went down and their presence of unemployment, poor food productions, thus low agriculture production. All these were caused by other factors. In order to boost the economy, the American state had to come up with a plan which is bring more people to offer labor .some of these included women and the African native. But, these two faced some form of discrimination.

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During the great depression period which according to Richard white referred to it as,” a massive wave”, that is the period where the waves went with the social facilities and abilities  which include the family, the nongovernmental organizations and also the federal government. This was attributed by the rise of the nativism which was the presence of tension between the city dwellers the people from the reserve tended to increase during this period, and it was evidently seen by the presence of many Americans in the nearly 2500 cities, and the result shows that almost 6 million American vacated their rural homes. And, during the 1929, the cities were flocked and overpopulated and there was raised issues regarding the tax usage for services in the city since the rural area people were not in agreement. This lead to the creation of the immigration act that tend to control those who entered the state. During the 1920s, there was a crash in the stock market and presence of sick markets, but what led to this; the Americans lived the life that was beyond them thus the amount of money they spend was not proportional to their pay roll. This made them spend less since their credit cards were suffering from lack of cash, and this made them live a low life and the construction of houses went down. Now this made the industries reduce the number of works causing the stock market to increase. According to Henretta; the flow of the international credit greatly was dependant on if the banks were willing to give out loans and investments to the European countries” bus as this economy declined, the banks and corporations lowered their foreign investments causing a problem in the financial system of the Europeans and us exports declined at an alarming rate. This made them decide to raise their rates to the Europeans’ countries, but these countries fought back by placing trade restrictions. This led to decline in some of the states in terms of incomes and among them were 7 states in the top ten states. Also, the European demand for the agricultural products declined very much. During the 1920s, the agricultural industries were showing a good production, and they were cheap.

The government intervention on the depression was facilitated by Franklin Dlano Roosevelt who used the quote” the only thing to we has to fear is fear itself.’ He usually spoke about the economic and the social issues, and he usually took this issue as a war that has to be won. He allowed the generation of new ideas and he is mainly recognized for restoring hope to the Americans. Hoover who was president from the west. His approach to the economy was on the upper section of the economy to a certain extent than on the lesser or minor side of the economy, and he did this by ensuring that the government partnered with the huge and well doing businesses. He ignored the presence of poverty among the middle class and workers and he never allowed the offering of the federal relief to people suffering from the great depression by not providing it to them but making them work for it. He also urged the Americans to conduct a research in solution to the economic dislocations in the local communities. This federal government intervention was not received well since the president was now hated and this created violence where the poor farmers did not allow to be evicted and the protested.

During the World War II, the US economy was still recovering from depression when it had an encounter with the Japanese bombing of the Pearl Harbor. The country of California was receiving a lot of funding due to its climatic conditions that was adequate for setting up an air strip and training of the Africa troupes. Its strategic location since it was used as a path due to its pacific ocean. Women were seen to be looking for a job a good example is Marye stump that started looking for a job but there was no job available for her, but she finally joined a college that she acquired skill on the wire and pliers for electrical sub assembly. The crisis is that there was a disagreement between the male and women workers, and Marye was a victim of this since she was not welcomed by her other male co workers. During the second world war, the men had to leave their job and women took over the job .they were not sure that they could stay there for long since they knew that, after the war, women would come back to their jobs. The impact on the economy caused by the war and some of them include the shipbuilding and the air craft was affected due to loss of partnership with the other industries. The other effect was that the federal government built a complex scientific vast by creating new laboratories. Contracts were awarded to the western universities. The federal state participated by investing some money on the ship and aircraft, military was established by creating army camps. The economy was well developed and diversified, and the war led to the expanding of manufacturing facilities rapidly. The war was faced by some problems; shortage of labor where the Americans outside the state were reluctant to move to the state due to congestion. The other problem was the case of housing shortage due to the increased population.

A population increase was set by the world war and among them were the ethnic minorities of the African Americans, Mexicans-Americans and Native Americans. The population of the African American had an increase percentage of 4.4 from   1.8. Alternatively, the quantity of women employed in the shipbuilding, and the aircraft was 1 out of every three workers all these were caused by the world war. Women joined the labor forces and women such as Mary van Kleeck advocated for the pay and better working conditions for women.  In the Second World War, there were some treaties formed under the new deal obtained where social security act was one of them that mainly talked on the federal system had to support the pension plan and unemployment insurance, but the problem with it is that it did not guarantee the workers in the agricultural and domestic sector. The deal that was created also created some sort of impact on the women since a lot of women were offered a job after the deal was formed. One of the women that played a major role in the federal administration. On the military grounds, a given number of women served in there on the women army cops there were 140 thousand women and on the women accepted for the voluntary services there were 100 thousand women and 1000 women on the air force service (WASPS). The problem was that only those who could command men were few. A good example was Susan Ahn Cuddy who was an Asian woman that was recognized as the first one to join on the (WAVES) which stands for woman Accepted for Emergency team during the World War II. BUT as time went by she was able to be the first woman to become a gunnery officer in the navy due to her training skills. But as these women joined these new occupation they face by various challenges among them were; long working hours yet there are other house scores to do and doing the double shift was very difficult for women.

The African American were not accorded the job that highly paid, and this was a formed of discrimination among the blacks. The president among  the black emerged AP Randolph and organized a protest by marching in Washington against discrimination on the blacks referred as the defense industry this forced the US to issue an order that stated the end of discrimination among the defense industry on the ground of race, creed color or the national origin. For this policy to be implemented Randolph decide to form the Fair Employment Practices committee (FEPC). 

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