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When the global community heard of the September 11 attacks, they were shocked and terrified; stillness descended the world. September 11 terrorist attacks were one of the most horrific acts that had ever happened to innocent people of the USA, in the history of the country. The terrorists have chosen the most painful target, to hit the United States. Terrorists shook the generally accepted conviction that America was a superpower and the safest place to live, as a group of people managed to carry out successful attacks on its soil. In this case, people might tend to wonder what went wrong before the attack and the effects caused by September 11 events. Therefore, this paper focuses on the arguments behind the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the effects they provoked.

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Firstly, before the attacks, Americans have been living a quiet and peaceful life where they were occupied with their daily duties. America has been known for the strength in its defense and military forces making people believe that attacking the USA will be next to impossible. However, the terrorists led by their leader Osama Bin Laden made the impossible become possible. In this case, the American defense forces were caught off guard in the belief that no one would ever dare to attack them (Pentagon n. p.). For this reason, Osama Bin Laden took this advantage by attacking the Americans at their weakest points.

In this case, the attackers were able to hijack two airplanes without hindrance because the airports had got no serious security measures or strategy. After hijacking the planes, the terrorist attackers were able to penetrate the American air force airwaves and fly directly to the twin towers of the World Trade Centre. It can be argued that the American forces were not expecting an attack due to the superiority they were enjoying over the world (Stanford n. p.). For this fact, the terrorists managed to attack Americans and kill millions of people successfully, making it the most horrific event in USA history.

After the September 11 terrorist attacks, perceptions of America changed all over the world. All the Americans were kept in fear of the unknown because they have lost the certainty of what will happen in the future. Some evidence shows that many American airlines began to experience a sharp decline in number of the local consumers (Dublin Airport n. p.). This was a direct result of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Secondly, the American defense started improving their security systems by creating new policies that were supposed to ensure that any terroristic attack would ever repeat on American soil. Finally, President George W. Bush initiated an antiterrorist strategy to be created in different countries all over the world.

The world began to consider America as a target for terrorist activities. The country citizens that initially felt themselves in perfect safety were now susceptible to any terrorist attacks. People were not willing to visit the USA anymore (Heilemann n. p.). From the point of view of the country’s enemies, they were waking up because they knew they could attack America. Since the September 11 events, many enemies of the United States have been trying to attack the country. According to the data provided by the defense forces, there have been numerous unsuccessful attacks on the US during recent years (Federal Bureau of Investigation n. p.). For this reason, it can be argued that the September 11 attacks changed many things in the normal life of the country and the world as a whole.


The September 11 events have been known to be the most horrific terrorist attacks in American history. A great number of people lost their lives during those attacks. The effects of the attacks could be felt even today. To begin with, in the past, people all over the world thought America to be the safest place in the world. However, after the attacks, people have changed their perception on these issues cardinally. The American citizens developed the fear of the unknown; while their enemies started creating new plans to attack America. Due to these facts, it is true to say that September 11 terrorist attacks changed many people’s perceptions of America.

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