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Collapse of the Roman Empire came by through the process of slow breakdown of its economy and the barbarian invasions that came finally (Gibbon, Edward 1776). However, most of the historians speculate that the rapid growth of the empire over a relatively short period of time, and there after followed the inflation which led to the empire’s total decay. Due to its incredible size which required a huge budget to maintain, its survival was very minimal and by the time the empire was also fighting enemies on all sides due its expansion on all sides at the same time it was contributing to huge sums of silver and gold to keep up its armies. In trying to curb both problems it was forced to raise taxes frequently causing inflation to the skyrocket. In turn this caused economic stress that is attributed to its decline.

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The fall of the empire did not just affect one event. It incorporated a series of events that weighed heavily on the on the Roman society and the government at the time. The government’s ability was massively erupted by the rapid expansion of Rome’s foundation. The Wars and Roman conquest that followed outside Italy through importation of slaves, also led to the changing of the Roman face that the government was unable to deal with it. This explains why the government would not have been able to deal with the situation at hand. With such a situation, the political infighting was and always would be a common trait in any system. There was also social instability that resulted from injustice in the class system, and this gave way to the rise of demagogues like the brothers in Gracchi. (UN RV History)

Since the emperor was the centre of the Roman Government, the whole government deteriorated with the faulty leaderships of the emperors. Hence it could not have been possible for the republican constitution to prevent the demise.

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