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Nowadays many sources overview changes in women`s midlife personalities and their social roles related to career and family development. Middle aged women were examined by researchers with the aim to identify what kind of changes has occurred in this period of life. When middle aged women were taken as a sample of the experiment, it led to the conclusion that early midlife was an expression of similar levels of identity. The results of the experiment identify that women`s personalities develop after the age of thirty as well as their social roles, i.e. wife, mother, business woman, etc.

Personality researches have emphasized that middle aged women are not only changing, but they are also developing their social roles and make impact on social events. Due to their life experience they may influence on social environment and social events. Though it is worth mentioning that, women of the same ages may differ from each other according to their lifestyles, careers and social roles; as they age they may develop different outlooks and concerns.

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The researchers point out that there is a different approach to middle aged women who committed their lives to career making and those to the families. Some scholars consider that in the middle years, women who had committed to families are more generative and helpful to other people.

Due to the research, different findings show that particular social roles influence personality development of women in their middle age as a result of their changes and generativity across the lifespan. The relationship between personal activities and social roles is evident and it makes the great contribution on women`s personality, identity and conscience. It should be noted that changes in women`s personalities and their social roles depend on educational level, societal status, personal skills, backgrounds, health, race and others.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that more research needed in order to identify all changes in women`s personalities and social roles in accordance with different aspects to make it more specific and precise.

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