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The poem under analysis is “Huswifery” by Edward Taylor, which is probably his most popular work. Published in 1937, the poem attracted attention mostly due to spiritual context. Being driven by his desire to dedicate himself to God, Taylor manages to unite the divine with purely physical since there is deep symbolism behind the common language of the poem and its simple images. The poem reminds of a personal message to God.

“Huswifery” consists of three logical parts, each of which is united by a common theme. In the first part, Taylor speaks of spinning yarn, then of making a piece of clothing, and finally wearing it. As to the language, it is pretty simple and clear, there are no complex syntactic constructions or complicated words. The title – housewifery - is a demonstration of the fact that the relationship with God in the poem is connected to the physical world and activities.

The first line gives the reader a clear understanding of what the poem is going to discuss. The author wants to be closer to God and wants him to direct his life. While asking God to make him his “Spining Wheele”, Taylor means that he trusts in God, and that is why he is committed to him. He draws analogies between the parts of the spinning wheel and his words, soul and conversations. Here, the spinning wheel is very symbolic. Taylor says, God may take each of its parts and use them to make “Holy robes for glory”, just as he can take a person’s life and direct it anywhere he wants.

In my opinion, the poem is very intimate because while talking to God, Taylor reveals his deepest secrets and desires. It is not clear from the poem why Taylor decides to commit his life to God, and readers can only reckon which events led to such a decision. However, it is obvious from the images and symbols of the poem that Taylor is very sincere in his desire.

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