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What Is Similar 'A Sound of Thunder' and 'Nethergrave'

Ray Bradbury’s ‘A sound of Thunder” and the Gloris Skurzynskis’s ‘Nethergrave’ are both science fiction short stories that its main characters with the help of very advanced technology are able to traverse hand of time and manage to live in a different world, ‘the other world”. In A sound of thunder  Eckels  with a couple of  his friends by using time traveler machine travel to Jurassic period to hunt Dinosaurs and are able to live in that time and experience real time events. . In the ‘Nethergrave’ the main character Jeremy by the help of his hi-tech computer is able to ‘physically’ go into ‘the other world’ as an avatar, (jaguar) and he is able to experience events as the living jaguar could for example he looked through its eyes. Also, when his mom walks in the room, Jeremy was not in the room yet the Jaguar was in the Jeremy’s computer screen. In the ‘Nethergrave’ Jeremy is able to go to ‘other world’ when he online quartet chatting with his friends who except for the pretty girl Princedie all lie about who they really are in real life. This means that the three are living in fictional world.

Both short stories envisions that in the future man will develop advanced programs which will be able to take man into a fictional world and influence occurrence of timely events that can affect their future lives. They both speculate on the possible effects that these advanced programs can have on man.

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Differences Between 'A Sound of Thunder' and 'Nethergrave'

One of the differences between the short stories is that ‘A sound of Thunder’ is a pure science fiction where things only happen in future setting 2255 AD and in Jurassic period whereas in ‘Nethergrave’ things  happen in real world that translates into a fictional world .

In ‘A sound of thunder’ very small actions translates into tremendous  effects  in time  as the author refers them to “infinitesimally”, for example a Jurassic butter fly accidentally killed by Eckels leads to extreme changes in the future like the change in the US president and even language spelling. In ‘Nethergrave’ Jeremy’s detailed day’s activities like being forced to play football, coming late for the chat and his friends signing out earlier does not influence him joining Nethergrave .Events event coincidentaly.

‘Nethergrave’  involves its main character changing his identity into someone else ‘a jaguar’ for him to be able to the to access ‘the other world’ but in ‘A sound of thunder’ the real time characters are the same ones in ‘the other world’, they never change their identity but the rules of engagement change.

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