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In a world of modern American literature there are names which deserve to be called the eminent writers of the time. The following essay is focused on the highlighting the personality of Amy Tan and her works with regard to important themes and questions revealed in her literature artworks.

Amy Tan’s life experience is so wonderful that if it had been described in a novel it should have become a bestseller. Being a daughter of Chinese emigrants who partially have escaped from poverty, problems and  family curse, she wanted to get released from a series of death of family members because of tumors and cancer. Probably this fact made her find comfort with hippie, people who desired freedom most of all and rejected all existing rules. However, arresting for drugs at the age of sixteen has totally changed her life. She studied linguistics and worked with people with disabilities. Then she began to write.

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Personal life experience and relationships within a family and a multicultural society have become a source of themes for her novels. The novels The Joy Luck Club, The Kitchen God's Wife, The Hundred Secrets Senses  mainly focus reader’s attention on the question of relationship between mother and daughter. Amy Tan also highlights the theme of sense of life. Thus, in the novel  The Joy Luck Club she points out “I think books were my salvation, they saved me from being miserable”.

The reason why the novels of Amy Tan should be read at least once is because of deep wisdom and psychological meaning implemented between the lines of the novels and short stories. Amy Tan is the only writer able to “revitalize a past that is significant in the creation of the identity of ethnic groups in America”. The novels help to identify the importance of human beings and their relationships leading to harmony.

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