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The article †`We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Familiesí as told by Gourevitch (1999) is one of the well structured. The author is keen on the flow of ideas for better understanding as well as holding the attention of the audiences.

Although his main focus is on the killing of the Tutsi in Rwanda and the conditions of their bodies which were left unburied, he uses metaphors to directly relate events of the scene with the external environment.† The story of the slaughter man butchering the cow gives an image of how the murders were killing the subjects (Gourevitch, 1999 pp. 1).

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The elements of good writing such as readability and elegance are also considered. These involves organizing the work in clear words, sentences and paragraphs for easier understanding of the readers and clearly communication of their facts and ideas. This helps to hold the interests and attention of the readers. †These aspects are considered throughout the article because the language used is clear and of standard for easier understanding of readers at all levels.

The author uses the three writing appeals: logos, pathos and ethos to support his creativity and imagination. The Logo is expressed by the use of logistic aspects to argue out points. In creating a picture in the minds of the readers about the excessively littered corpse, he describes how they had added fertility to soil supporting the growth of thick and wonderfully green grass covering the place. Pathos is applied to hold the emotions of the readers, taking a close up look of some of the bodies and explaining how they looked like pictures of the dead without any smell or buzzing flies with the skin stuck on parts of the bones. He also captures the attention of a† woman who either was killed while delivering or holding a child, such explanations holds the attention of the readers. The Ethos aspect is portrayed by the realistic narration of the author. He convince the readers to read the article being certain of getting some insights or fully exploring the whole scene because he was also curious of discovering all the secrets behind the strange killing of Tutsis in Rwanda hence join him to learn more as he does (Gourevitch, 1999 pp. 7).

To achieve the intended purposes of writing, the author considers use of important styles to organize his ideas and communicate them well and still holding the attention of the audiences all through the article. He also considers the three appeals: Logos, Ethos and Pathos in the composition of the content of the article. In creating the image of the many littered corpse, the author explains how they have added fertility to the soil on the place. Pathos is used when holding the attention of the audiences, he a close up look of the bodies and explains them or the appearance thus the readers are attentive to fully get an image of the place.† The aspect of Ethos is reflected in the paragraph which the author tries to convince the audience to read the article with the intention of exploring or getting more insights of the scene on discussion.†

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