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I would like to familiarize you with the book by Linda Dunlap An Introduction to Early Childhood Special Education: Birth to Age Five. This is a unique book, which focuses on young children with developmental delays, but what is more important that this book does not only discuss the types of developmental disabilities, but it also discusses the role of different professionals across disciplines, that provide services to children with disabilities.

This book is divided into 14 chapters beginning with the history of early childhood education and ending with the steps for preparing children to enter other educational facility. Each chapter of the book ends with conclusions. There are also a chapter summary, chapter key terms, review questions and suggested student activities. Review questions are designed to check readers on the information they got to know from the book. Key terms are designed for readers to be able to reproduce the scope of information of the book. In chapter 1 federal laws and key litigation related to special education are also covered.

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Other chapters discuss the influence of nature and nurture on the children’s development, tools for assessment of the toddlers, infants and preschoolers. Some tests for children’s evaluation are discussed.

The book by Linda Dunlap is full of a variety of strategies which are useful for special education teachers (for the work with other professionals). Family members play a significant role in children’s education, and that is why parents are given tips on how to interact with special education teachers and make everything possible for the best development of their children. Parents are taught how to help their children to believe in themselves and how to teach them to be independent.

A special attention in this book is devoted to developmental theories, because these theories will help special education teachers to choose the best intervention method which is needed in a particular situation. Developmental theories are mentioned in the book in the relation to different scientists, such as Maria Montessori, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Howard Gardner, Ivan Pavlov, Abraham Maslow, and Urie Bronfenbrenner. The readers are also given the information about environmental factors which can lead to children’s disabilities.

Linda Dunlap is a psychology professor at Marist College, and as a professional in the field, she presented a great book (with valuable information for special education teachers, preschool teachers, psychologists, other professionals, parents, and ordinary readers) to the world. This book can be particularly helpful to parents who have children with developmental delays. They will be taught how to deal with problems which occur in everyday life and it will make their life easier.

Another important fact is that the book is properly organized. Students and lecturers are able to appreciate the concluding material in the form of fill-ins, matching, true or false, multiple choice and essay directions. This makes the learning process more interesting and provides an incentive for students to search more information on this or that aspect concerning the topic of the study. There are also headings and sub-headings in chapters which help the learners easily find the necessary information.

Personally I think that the book by Linda Dunlap is very good example of educational books which gives all the necessary data for different readers and it also focuses not only on the disability of a child, but on the child at large.

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