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Free Example of Broken Body but an Unbroken Spirit Essay

Life is the most valuable treasure we all are lucky to have.  Our unique capacities to breath, to see all around, to hear, to walk, and to feel – we take as for granted, without understanding these are also a gift. We do not imagine our living without it but sometimes life brings radical corrections depriving us of some capabilities, turning life upside down.

Such case happened to Janine Shepherd.  It is impossible to remain indifferent and calm while watching and listening to Janine’s story. Her passionate narrative sourcing from her own life is touching, emotional, expressive and full of the deep sense. It is not only a bright example how to overcome the incredible difficulties. This is a perfect illustration how not to give up and become a winner in the life battle, in spite of the painful strokes of fate. Janine experienced it on her own after being heavily hit by the utility truck during a training bike ride for the Olympics. Having got serious injuries and fractures, she became a partial paraplegic without any feeling waist down, and the doctors did not give too many chances for full recovery.

Nevertheless, Janine, neglecting the doctors’ predictions, learned to walk again and even became a commercial pilot. In her speech, she shares her lingering doubts and moments of uncertainty when she did not have the slightest idea what her life would be after an accident. Janine demonstrates what a difficult struggle she had to return to a normal, casual life. It was an incredible fight between her body and her spirit, between her physical incapability and her willpower. She managed to recover thanks to her persistent, systematic efforts and her desire to live.  The woman said good-bye to her old, previous lifestyle and greeted her new life without complaining and grieving. She set an unapproachable target practically, and made her best for achieving it. She coped with it successfully, and her new dream turned into reality.

Janine Shepherd’s story is a way of inspiration and powerful support for the people who are presently at the similar situation as she was once. She gives valuable advice to the audience always to control own mind because if one is mentally strong, then to some extent he or she is physically strong whatever is and might be. No one should lullaby one’s spirit, on the contrary, when spirit is ignited, the life is on. Even if a person is put into circumstances when his capabilities are limited, Janine calls do not close one’s eyes and keep them widely open for searching new horizons in life, unexplored opportunities and challenges. If a man has the smallest chance to live – he supposed to grab the life and do not let it leave him. 

When a person loses his habitual life and should forget what he or she got used to, the main thing is to find such clandestine resources within oneself and do not fold one’s hands peacefully. Nobody should turn into a lazy mass without fire of life inside. Conversely, everyone, regardless of circumstances, ought to keep own nose up since often everything depends purely on the individual’s internal desire to fight with obstacles.

A human being’s body is still an undiscovered world. There are a lot of cases when a traditional medicine does not give too many chances for survival, but a person drives out of the darkness. Each should make the best efforts to conquer the circumstances and not become a prisoner of them. The body should be motivated. For this purpose the spirit must be an engine working in an unstoppable regime.

One more example proves the statement that unbroken spirit can build the new life. There is one Singaporean boy named Jeremy Lim who is suffering a difficult incurable malady as brittle bone disease. Amazingly, his life is full of adventures and new fresh impressions, though he is wheelchair-bound. Being interviewed, he said, “My parents have taught me from an early age to always look at the bright side because when you look at the bright side, there won’t be a dark shadow inside. And I think I have a better chance in life in being positive than in being negative”. A human consciousness formulates positive or negative attitude. By remaining positive, we keep the ability for construction and creation because if we start thinking negatively we complicate the situation moreover. Our body and mentality will be overwhelmed with further ruining destruction. Even finding oneself as a pawn of the broken body, the person should not surrender to misfortune.

The example of Christopher Reeve – a Superman hero – demonstrated unlimited courage, unimaginable tolerance, remarkable headstrongness, though he required a wheelchair and breathing apparatus for the rest of his life.  He claimed, “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” If you experienced such tragic life turn, you should start behaving as a hero without losing controls of your life.  Reevaluate your life in its new performance and find the strength to accept it. Thanking to acceptance, you will be able to accumulate your will to resist, proving yourself what you are worth of. 

Strong and powerful spirit can assist you in overcoming the complications and difficulties.  Weakened mentality will not enrich you with hope so keep your spirits up. What will you gain if you add broken spirit to the broken body?  You can only achieve collapse, hopelessness, solitude, your unhappy existence and spoilt life of your relatives. However, your inspiration, your desire to be somebody in life provides you with more strength for making first steps towards the dream even if your ordeal seems to be insuperable.  People say that hope is the last thing to die, so do not let it first to go. If there is a hope, there is a chance for recovery, for survival, for victory. Certainly, it is important to have nearby somebody to support you during difficult times, but first of all, you should give a helping hand to yourself on your own.  Hardened, well-trained and controlled spirit will not let you lose yourself, it can allow sometimes not only to broaden your mind but broaden the limits of the world.

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