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Blindness can have different forms and representations, either a physical disability or some moral one. It is hard to determine what form is worse, however, the short story ''Cathedral'' by Raymond Carver makes one think of this and decide. Carver emphasized the importance of use of the first person narration in his story as he believed that such an approach can help the reader understand the main idea and all the feelings and emotions of the narrator. ''Cathedral'' showed the miracle of transformation and an ability of every person to face it. The narrator in this short story by Raymond Carver managed to get rid of ignorance and significantly change his understanding of many important notions including lifestyle, communication, and relationship. The transformation happened due to the set of events that took place throughout the story.

Every character is the result of authorís vision of a certain theme; this time it was the conflict of such features as ignorance, insecurity, and openness. From the first moments Carver characterizes the narrator as a rather close-minded person, who is also extremely fearful of everything that seems unclear and difficult to understand. Besides, he had a difficult relationship with his wife as there was no true understanding between them, the narrator simply did not even try to understand his wife, her viewpoint and also her poetry, which was very important for her. There is also a certain lack of insight and self-awareness in his characterization and thus he looks even blinder compared to Robert. Carver focuses attention on his narratorís disability to understand and see the underlying message of nearly every situation and person, as there is always something lying beneath the surface.

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However, as the story keeps on, his image is gradually changing and though it may sound ironic, but he has finally his eyes opened with the help of a blind man Robert. The jealousy of the narrator helps him to have a better look at his wife. All this time the narrator was depicted as a rather insensitive person, who had no idea who his wife really was and he was blind about it as he could not see and understand her intimately. However, some time later he starts to think what kind of husband he turns out to be and what is really important in any relationship. He understands that he deprived his wife in love and attention, he never made a compliment on her appearance, and he was absolutely blind. Although the narrator does not see the difference between seeing and understanding, there appears some hope that his character may change. Everything changes for the narrator when he has to explain what the cathedral is, and his conversation with the blind man Robert turns out to be of major importance as it helps him to look deeper within his soul and understand the greater and more important meaning of everything in this world. In such a way Carver lets his narrator truly see everything for the first time in his life. Furthermore, this moment in the story helps to crash all the boundaries that served as huge obstacles for the narrator, especially for his interaction and communication.

Many of us have such an ability to see the person, but understanding someone intimately is not possible for everyone, especially if one does not even try to do it. Carver characterized his narrator as a man, who was just puzzled in life, but luckily, he managed to see the true beauty of the world and of the real communication.

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