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In the morning when it is raining in torrents and the mood is quite melancholic; we find that the weather is symbolic of Frankensteinís circumstances. However, the fact that he decides to ascend to the peak demonstrates his determination and courage to conquer the difficulties which he might later encounter. Frankenstein does not have any peace of mind. Nonetheless, just as he starts to enjoy himself, we see the monster, which is his own creature is approaching him. His first response is to fight with the creature (Shelley, 1994). This strongly shows his fury. Having expected this kind of response from Frankenstein, the creature remains calm. The relationship between Frankenstein and his creature was much severe compared to the one between God and Adam.

On the other hand, it appears like God has more concern of the following of Adam, then Eveís temptation and the sin with the fruit. Adam has to struggle between the love and loyalty of two; that is from God and Eve. Nevertheless, his unity toward Eve leads him to sinning, although his control over her, together with his nearness to God enables him to see Eve dispassionately, flawed. When the world was created by God, it was perfect. He then created Adam and Eve, and gave them their own free will, so that they would have a choice of whether to obey God and not. But Adam and Eve, who were Godís own creatures, disobeyed him by being tempted to commit sin.† †But Adam and Eve, the very first people God made, were tempted by Satan to disobey God, and they sinned.

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After threatening his creature, the monster is now in control of the situation, and manages to convince Frankenstein to think about his responsibility or duty to him and threatens him with severe consequences if he does not obey his wishes. This kind of relationship has some similarities with that between God and Adam, in that both the creatures went against the wishes of their creatures. However, the relationship between Frankenstein and his creature is much bitter as compared to that between God and Adam.

When we take a look at the relationship between Frankenstein and its creature, we find that the monster, to some extent has some control over his own creature. Here, it is Frankenstein, the creator that angered the creature by mistreating him. But when the monster gets exasperated by his creature, he decides to threaten him, which strikes fear into Frankenstein, forcing him to retract (Shelley, 1994). Conversely, considering the case of God and Adam, we find that it is Adam who angered God by eating a fruit that had been forbidden by God. This spoiled their relationship with God; that is it separated them from being any close to God. God is holy and perfect, and must judge sin. God was not under any pressure and threats since He was in full control of his creature, whereby he decided to curse Adam and said that he would eat his own sweat.

After the clashes between the creators and their creatures, there were different courses of the situations in both cases. After Adam goes against Godís wishes, the only punishment that he is given is distant relationship between him and God, and also to work hard for his livelihood. Adam could not blame God in any way because he was solely responsible for his predicaments. While in the case of Frankenstein and its creature, we are told that the creature was good and obedient at first but was forced to change due to the maltreatments that he received from his creator. This means that Frankenstein was the one responsible for the spoiling of the good relationship once shared between them; which resulted to his disowning the work of his own hands.†

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