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Free Example of Hamlet, Act III Essay

Act III of the outstanding Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet is dominated with the most well-known speech in the world literature. It begins with the words “To be or not to be” and leaves a lasting impression. Hamlet reflects on the meaning of life and death, the nature of action, fear of the unknown and even suicide. Besides, this is the act which contains the theater play within a play and development of relationships between the characters.   

Readers get to know Hamlet in a new light. He can be focused and obsessed with some ideas or contemplative and sad. He can be very caustic and biting with regard to the people he loves. He casts doubt on everything including Ophelia’s love or honesty who obeys her father and brother blindly. Hamlet’s sarcastic advice to her about getting to the nunnery strikes as desperate and bitter. He tries to get through to his mother but only offends and scares her.

Hamlet does not kill the praying uncle in order not to help him go to heaven. However, it is evident that the idea of murder does not appeal to him at all, though he decides to kill Claudius when he commits some sinful act and even murders Polonius by mistake. His desperation reaches the peak when he talks to his mother and tries to get his ideas over to her.

Claudius wants to get rid of the annoying prince who can cause troubles. He is willing to send Hamlet on a diplomatic mission to England and uses Rosencrantz and Guildenstern as his co-conspirators. That plan cannot but cause anxiety and fear that something bad is going to happen, especially after the play in which the actors show the murder of the king. It is evident that Hamlet is in ganger and the following events will prove that feeling.

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