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Nothing else makes the reader more sensitive than the story about one sided love. Thus, the main heroine is lady Shallot, who is closed in the solitary island on the river, which flows to Camelot. No one comes to see her. No one even knows about her existence. Lady can`t look through the window, because of the curse. The only way she sees the world around is trough the mirror. She is doomed to weave. The only pleasant thing in this work is to wave the picture from the mirror, as it is a glimpse of light in her shadow world.

Tennyson uses many stanzas to describe the setting of the story. The scheme is simple: as detailed the author describes the story settings, as better effect he has on the reader. The first few stanzas show the atmosphere and mood of the poem. They are like the poem`s soul.

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Sir Lancelot`s appearing is the culmination of the whole story. Lady Shallot rebelled against the curse after falling in love with him. Nevertheless he is described not very attractively, his courage and freedom attracts Lady more than anything else. Actually, the author never revealed the person, who crusted the lady, maybe in order to keep the reader`s attention, as well as the consequences that would happened after Lady tried to escape the island. The curse was revealed in the end of the poem: Lady was doomed to be alone in the island, in case of rebelling, she would die. Lady did not know whether she would be able to rich Camelot or not, that is why she wrote her name on the boat. She wanted at least somebody to know about her existence.

However, neither the general story line, nor the lady`s deed would be different if the story included more details, or if Lady knew what would happened to her, because she tried to rich Camelot for the sake of love.

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