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The book “life of the fathers” comprises of twenty hagiographies which involve prominent people in the lives of early medieval gauls this involved clerics, abbots, holy men, hermits and monks. The life of each individual; in the hagiography was structured to bring out a specific aspect of life

St Illidius is praised for his heart purity,

St Brachio is praised for his determination and discipline in the study of the scriptures

St patroclus is praised for showing overwhelming faith in times of weaknesses

St Niceties the bishop of Lyon is praised for his justice a

The life of St niceties of Trier  dominates the book because his life seems to outdo that of the rest of the saints he was predestined and summoned to have the entire succession of the pat and the future

Gregory himself is able to appear in the book in certain sections notably those of st leobardus. This helps to bridge the presence of miracles in the temporal world

Gregory of tours was born in Clermont –Ferrand which was a very important town in Auvergne. Gregory of tours was born in a family with a lineage of several bishops and saints; Gregory was raised in the family of his uncle Gallus who was also the local bishop. Gregory was ordained as deacon in 573.

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At the time of Gregory (539-94) in this age the bishops were the defenders of morality. They were able to influence the society by practising charity and showing great compassion within the society including building ad repairing churches including the repair of tomps of other martyrs and  saints . They were liable of improving the societies by founding schools and administrators in monasteries a well as administrators. Gregory was a very articulate writer and has explained his life through his works. Gregory had a experienced most of what he was talking about which differentiated from other writers

Lupinicus was forced to marry as soon as he grew old by his parents. Romanus on the other hand did not marry but the,  they together joined later and worshiped the Lord  in the desert.  After the eleven monks had left the temple in search for pleasures of the world we are able to see Romanus engaging in deep prayer so that they may return to serving the lord. This prayer is answered because they were able to form shrines through which they worshipped the lord.  The book shows how  faith is necessary for one  to overcome the trials and temptations of the evil one. The book shows how people were able to recover from great illnesses do as to serve the lord. The book tells us about how faith can result to miracles. From the book we can see Romanus heal lepers by touching them after being given shelter during the journey. People who have faith were able to recover from illness. The tomb of st Illidus ,a confessor  was used in many instances by the believers to obtain cure. St illidus had taken upon his heart the holy spirit just as the disciples of Jesus. Several ill people who had faith that they could be healed were able to receive cure at these temples. We are able to see through faith and the merits of the blessed confessor a servant of count venerandus being cured after being blind for a long time. The writer f this book was also cured through faith at the same tomb. The tomb of the blessed confessor clearly shows that those who trust and believe the teachings of Jesus just as his disciples are able can clearly be blessed. The story of the ten months old boy who was cured after her mother took her to the blessed confessor tomb shows that faith alone is a substantial cure. The son was able to speak after being taken to the tomb her mother was glad because her son could now be baptised because she was already cured.

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