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Free Example of Literary Criticism Essay

The content of the story is wholesome, giving the reader a picture of Sam’s society as he struggles to unravel the mysteries surrounding his life.

In regard to personal and social values, the story depicts values that are in agreement with the world’s culture. The family friendship and moral support as demonstrated in the story is what is expected of the outside world. Family secrets also do exist as Sam experienced.

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The story allows the reader to draw conclusions concerning the story. For instance, the reader could visualize how Sam was pathetic after learning he may not be part of the family in which he has been brought up.

Sam is expected to be a man who will fend for himself by working with wood. This triggers the young readers mind to think about their future.

The story is written in a straightforward language that captures the young minds. One can conceptualize the struggle Sam faces as he struggles to read. The description reveals how the family is caring.

The story gives the reader hope as it demonstrates the developments in Sam’s life since tumbling upon the newspaper article in the attic. He becomes courageous when facing problems and is also patient when tackling them.

The story demonstrates how Sam is denied the right to know some vital information about his past. This may influence the readers’ thoughts about secrets hidden from them.

There is a conflict between Sam and his family. The author demonstrates how the young can handle such conflicts without causing mayhem in the family.

The story demonstrates to the young minds how beneficial it is to create friends regardless of gender. Sam befriends Caroline and the friendship helps him solve his problems.

It is an enjoyable story for the chosen age group.

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