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The play which is to be analyzed is “Macbeth” written by William Shakespeare.  This novel was chosen as it is not common even for the author especially according to its short size. From the very beginning, there was a discussion in the poem about different issues. First discussion is the main character. Some of the critics say that Macbeth is a good character with huge ambitions, however, the circumstances of that period, the appearance of three witches, and also the views of his wife, made him make certain steps which had horrible consequences. Some other critics said that Macbeth is a negative character, and the things he did only prove it.

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The other issue to be discussed is the moral order. This play created an enormous discussion as the appearance of three witches (who have connection with Greek Moirai, the Fades) is contrary to what we are told in churches, it is contrary to religion. Nowadays this play would not cause the influx of criticism, but at the time it was written church played a huge role in the society. In addition, witches are described not as representatives of evil or chaos, they were like observers which is not common for that time. Moreover, the another confusing thing in this play is the role of women which is the leading one: three witches and Lady Macbeth are those people who had made the way the Macbeth’s destiny went – witches predicted the future and Macbeth wanted it, as well as Lady Macbeth made such step which totally changed the life of Macbeth.

Despite all negative points discussed above, “Macbeth” remains the play which shows how greediness can change people and brings them to death, how good and evil fight inside each of us and we are the only ones who can choose the right side.

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