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After colonization, many changes were taking place concerning the local people abandoning their cultures. However, certain tribes are still currently living in the colonial era. The Marshallese people of South Pacific are presently living in these dilapidating conditions. The matter is that they cannot go back to their ancestral land after evacuation by the United States. These people had to abandon their homeland in the past when America was testing its nuclear weapons and they have not yet reclaimed their land. However, there is still hope for them going back to their land and embracing civilization of the western culture.

According to the book Melal, written by Robert Barclay, the Marshallese people still have hope. Although they suffer from physical and moral traumas, they have hope of entering the western cultures and embracing their technology. Despite of holding his traditions tightly, Rujen, one of the main characters in the story, shows hope because he is employed in an industry that deals with technology. Moreover, he allows doctors to examine his wife; this is an evident sign that he is eager to accept technology (Barclay 20). Additionally, Barclay shows that the Marshallese people are coming in close contact with the United States military forces. In this case, the Marshallese people try to find out more about the western culture. Similarly, the US military gains information concerning Marshallese culture. This proves that they have hope of embracing civilizations as part of their culture.

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Finally, it is important to note that the Marshallese people are now starting to mix their cultures with the western traditions and customs. One might ask, what will be the outcome of this blending? The mixture will be rich in both culture and technology. Therefore, the only way to bring hope to the Marshallese people is to recognize part of their culture while educating them about technology and civilization and healing their wounds, as one retired soldier stated (Roylance). That is why hope still exists.

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