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In the story, Miss Brill, the writer introduces readers to uncommunicative unpretentious woman who eaves drop on strangers. She imagines herself as an actress in an absurd musical. Miss Brill appears to be evoking the readers’ empathy though the development of the plot in the story.

Miss Brill is an extremely lonely woman. The status has led to her to become extremely observant of others and this has been attributed by her lonely status. It has also led her to have closer connections with other people. Her loneliness can also be observed with how she spends every Sunday alone in the park. It is also apparent through her giving her fur coat characteristics. Through her assigning life-like characteristics to inanimate objects clearly shows how isolated the woman feels.  She fantasizes on a relationship with strangers in the park.

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The short story points of an elderly woman who believes that life is a walk in a park. However, this notion I changed by a couple who leads her to believe that life is not all about fantasy. Since she believes that she leads a perfect life, it takes an insult that she gets from the two young strangers to bring about the transformation. By creating a fantasy world, Miss Brill is protected from loneliness. However, the results of reality bring about heartbreak. She is content in her fancy world but becomes devastated when enveloped from it.

Saboteur is a short story that starts begins with Mr. Chiu taking lunch with his wife. He is terrified about an acute hepatitis that he had suffered three months earlier and is concerned of a relapse. A police officer pours tea towards their direction, soaking their legs and Mr. Chiu becomes arrested unjustly.

In his life, in jail, Mr. Chiu is forced to sleep on a hard mattress that is infested heavily with fleas. When the guard is informed of Mr. Chiu’s medical condition, he does not seem to care.  The author show cases the prosperity and social progress of China, through the manner at which he paints the initial setting of the square. However, as one digs more, it is evident that the learned treatments are similar to that of curs, and end up to sleeping in barren cells infested by fleas. The upstanding individuals are, on the other hand, isolated and taken into hidden places. The change is designed to illuminate the cultural evolution of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. This shows that equality, justice and prosperity does not exist.

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