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When reading the first stanzas of the poem, I have a feeling of fear. This is because the poem begins by introducing the chilling and frightening nature of death. The poem depicts death as a hungry bear that is relentless in the hunt for our lives. It goes further to assert that death could come like measles-pox, meaning that it would gradually eliminate people in the world. For instance, the author points out that death would come like a hungry bear in autumn and an iceberg between the shoulder blades. These lines reveal the cruel nature of death, which instills fear. However, towards the end of the poem, I have a feeling of courage. The poem asserts that one could be happy in case he makes something out of his life. There would be no regrets even if death comes because of full utilization of all the resources available to one. For instance, the author asserts that “when it is over, I do not want to wonder, if I have made of my life something particular and real”.

In my opinion, death is a normal occurrence in the life of living things. All living things are mortal and must face death at some point in their lives. In line with this, individuals ought to be prepared for death at any time in their lives. One should maximize his life while still alive in order to make steps that would help eliminate regrets and doubts in the event of death. Individuals should live with the knowledge that death is something real that could visit anyone at any time. Thus, people should use their lives for constructive events and brace themselves to die at any point of their lives. People would be more courageous to face death if they have lived their lives to the full enjoyment and utilization. In fact, they would anticipate death after achieving most of their dreams.

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The author’s idea is that death is a chilling and threatening event. She begins by bringing out the ugly picture of death. For instance, the author asserts that “when death comes, like a measles-pox to bring out the ugly nature of death”. The author brings out the idea that death cannot be bribed but would take anyone it wishes at any time. This means that people ought to be prepared for any event in their lives. Towards the end of the poem, the author brings up the idea that people should enjoy and utilize their lives to the maximum when they are still alive. This would make them more courageous even as they face death. They would not regret but would anticipate death because of full maximization of their lives. For instance, the author asserts that “when it is over I do not want to wonder”, meaning there should be no regrets.

The poem talks about death and the life after death. It utilizes various styles and similes to bring out the true picture of death. The poem also uses imagery to illustrate death. For instance, the poem asserts, “when death comes like a hungry bear during autumn”. This is to illustrate how cruel death could be when searching for our lives. The poem has mixed feelings. At first, it brings out the feeling of fear by emphasizing on the impending nature of death. Death is taken as an end of one’s entire life. The poem then gives a feeling of hope and courage through the indication that there is a beautiful life after death as long as individuals utilize their lives to the maximum while still alive. There would be no regret if the life is utilized to the full.

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