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Night is silent. The sky is gemmed with myriads of bright stars; it is long past midnight. The whole city is asleep. There is only one girl sitting on one of the roofs, listening to a simple sweet melody and talking to somebody in a gentle voice. The moon got used to this scene; it has been happening from night to night for years. Rain or cold, she is here under favor of the darkness. Night gives her refuge and never turns a deaf ear to her sorrows.

“You never trick or deceive,” says the girl. Night never tells lies; it does talk but only directly to the hearts. You cannot hear that dialogue. The only way is to feel it. Go outside and look at the stars; fancy you are one of them and you are looking at the world from above. You see people, their problems, joys, souls and have a tacit understanding with the universe. Keep looking at the stars and smile, like in childhood, in all innocence. Feel the pain that has gnawed your heart leaving finally.  

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“Sometimes you hurt,” whispers the strange girl, and she is right. Sometimes we see the anguish of our minds in the starry arch. We recollect the moments we would like to wipe from memory. Now and again the sky reflects our pain; and we cannot hide anywhere. Night can be a real extorter.

“You give us a dream,” smiles the girl again. At night our imagination is dancing mad. We fancy that we have the almighty power. It is only an airy dream but it makes us aspire to live.

“Night is different for everybody,” concludes the girl. Night is almighty; it is an extorter, a pain-killer, a companion, a dream and forgiveness. 

Not for everybody, of course. For some people it is just impersonal and anonymous. They are not miserable at all. Their dreams have turned into reality. They have nothing to beg forgiveness for. Their souls are not covered with wounds. They just enjoy their night dreams and smile. There is still some time left till the daybreak.  

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