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What twisting circumstances that can really lead to a person killing his father and marrying his mother? I would consider this as a great anomaly of all time. Socially, it is an abomination for a person to have any romantic relationship with his mother because it is considered that a mother-son relationship is sacred and should never become romantic. It would be even more complicated if the son first killed the husband to his wife before marrying her. This husband would then happen to be his biological father.

For such an incident to occur, the twist of events must be so confusing and full of quagmires. It would probably be a source of natural justice that cannot be controlled at any level. This is because these acts cannot occur between sane people or people who know what they would be doing. Oedipus was a son to King Laius who had consulted an oracle. The oracle had told him that he would be killed by his own son (the son was then an infant) and the King had decided to kill the son, Oedipus, to ensure that the threat was gone. He ordered a servant to kill the son but the son was rescued and brought up in another king’s household. When the Oedipus learnt that the parents who raised him were not his biological parents, and that he would kill his parents, he decided to run away to avoid the occurrences. During the journey, he met his real father and killed him after a quarrel and married his own mother and sired children with her. The natural justice was that Oedipus’ father had tried to kill him and he became the victim of the evil. Also, fate condemned him to death from his own son. All these twists led to the youngster ending up marrying his own mother unknowingly.

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It is, therefore, clear that such an occurrence would not occur in normal occurrences. Many mysteries had to occur for one to kill his father and marry his mother. Such an occurrence is so dire that one would consider committing suicide if he realized what he had done. When the son realized, he cursed himself and considered himself a dreg of the society despite his high rankings. His actions devastated him and rendered him emotionally hopeless and felt tortured.

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