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Free Example of Oedipus Tragic Flaws Essay

Oedipus was a man of great intelligence which led to his creation, self-discovery and downfall and was considered a victim of his own character flaws.

In the play Oedipus the King, the protagonist flaw of irritability and a bad temper is portrayed, for example, in such episode: he heard a prophesy from the Delphi Oracle, left Corinth as fast as possible and on nearing Thebes a caravan cut him off, infuriated him and this resulted into the killing off all men and sparing one. His father Laius was among the men killed. As the investigation to the death of Laius intensified, the blind prophet Teiresias pinpointed Oedipus to have committed the act, and the latter became highly tempered and accused Teiresias of aiding Creon – Jacosta’s brother – in trying to overthrow him.

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Pride and hotheadedness are also seen as character’s flaws whereby he fails to think of what he hears from the oracle about his real parents and their fate, and, instead, does the contrary by not returning home, killing Laius and marrying Jacosta, his mother. The two traits are brought forth as a result of finding out the truth on the real killers of Laius; Jacosta wanted Oedipus to stop his search. The protagonist’s pride and hotheadedness made him want to know the truth, thus, scaring Jocasta away, making her commit a suicide later.

Another feature of Oedipus is overconfidence. This is attributed to his confidence in finding Laius’ murderer to stop the plague that was in the city. Overconfidence is as well seen when Teiresias confronts Oedipus that he had killed Laius and had been living shamelessly with his next of kin that is his mother, he was not worried and rubbished the thoughts. He was also confident that he had escaped both his fate and the wrath of gods, which was not true.  Oedipus’ intelligence made him understand his characters’ imperfections, but it was too late.

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