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Pat Mora’s artistic work often emanated from her geographical surroundings. This is a region  which extends from Mexico  and creates a common bond between nations of diverse cultures. Therefore, by considering the Mexican and American experience, the poet made emphasis on harmony rather than disharmony between the two nations. However, the poet does not avoid the intention to address the negative aspects of life by affirming the external regenerative forces which the place offers to the residents. Through her works, the poet has dedicated much of her professional life to preserve her culture. She believes that her sense of identity is rooted in people’s culture hence, makes efforts to to raise awareness of the rich history and culture to make up their heritage.

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The references which are read in the poem explores the roles played by food, cooking, and eating in the Americans lives. In Elena poem, the poet indicates the role of women in the society as it relates to children and in the wider community. In the Gentle communion, the traditional grandmother is depicted as loyal to the Chicano culture, but very hostile to the American lifestyle. On the other hand, Elena signals a hostile reaction to the Chicano’s linguistic anxiety. The poems also tell what the poet likes such as chocolates, a microcultures of food stuffs. In these references, Pat Mora introduces foods which are indigenous to the American culture including pumpkins and blueberries.

In conclusion Pat Mora provides descriptive features of poetry with attractive word choices in order to get the appropriate essence of each food and the role they play in the lives of Americans. And this is also illustrated in paintings on wood panels which show how the American families, including children enjoy each food.

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