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Free Example of Rewriting of Literature Essay

There is a statement that literature is a big book which is being continuously rewritten and revised. It means that most pieces of modern literature have been reprised from those materials which had been already written by founding fathers of literature.  It is difficult to disagree with this statement as the researches in this sphere prove that artists replicate stories because they are in dire need of finding out the origin of man. The evolution of modern literature has postulated literature words to emulate modernity thus loosing the respective participation in the literature world or, in other words, blinding artists to replicate already written material.

Most of these authors have continued to conduct this phenomenon citing that they were performing the duty to relate to whatever the literature forefathers had in their minds. In such a way they pay tribute to those novelists who make of reprising a premeditated observance. They argue that by doing so the homage to the perceptible sources of literature world is paid. The act of rewriting fiction literature pieces has been put on the forefront to defend the objective of fiction writers who postulate that by reprising and rewriting already written material helps  to bridge the gap between the long gone founders of literature and  the modern “orphaned” literature authors. It is, thereby, further argued that reprising does not necessarily mean the modern representation of elemental objects rather the very lack of it (Maisonnat et al. 24).

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