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The theme of romantic obsession is a popular one in life and literature, and the two stories, “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” by Lawrence and “Carnal Knowledge” by T.C. Boyle explore this theme. In both texts, male characters are fascinated by a woman, which makes their behavior irrational and dependent. In their turn, females do not seem to love them back but rather accept their presence passively.

Thus, “Carnal Knowledge” illustrates a relationship between Jim and Alena who is a fanatical animal rights activist. In a humorous way, the author demonstrates how the man can go too far in order to get a girl that he wants. On the one hand, Jim seems to be in love with Alena, so he is ready to become the one who he is not in order to be liked by her. On the other hand, however, this is a largely sex-driven behavior because it is a kind of chase for Jim. He wants to own Alena, she is an object of his obsession, and he is extremely jealous of other men around her. His sexual addiction ends because he is unable to pretend a vegetarian and animal rights fighter anymore. In the same way, “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” illustrates a situation where obsession is mistaken for love. When Dr Jack Ferguson saves Mabel when she tries to drown herself, he suddenly realizes that he is in love with her. This feeling is irrational, and in the end the author implies its sexual nature despite the man’s constantly repeating “I love you”.

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Thus, the relationships described in the two stories illustrate that in today’s world love is often mixed with sexual addiction. At the same time, both stories imply that humans have irrational nature, which is deeply rooted in instincts. It is also remarkable that if men are obsessed, women are passive and do not reject their obsession.

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