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The society also recognized that women sometimes became abusers rather than the abused (Demos, p.95). Demos therefore tries to delineate the notion that the morality was quite high, as the romantic notion of marriage was affected by the reality that people were not as pure as it was believed. According to Demos, the issue of morality in the Plymouth Colony is more of a myth rather than a reality as divorce was highly motivated due to the issue of adultery. In fact, this is what caused most divorce cases, and exposed the unequal treatment of men and women in the society (Demos, p.97). In fact, being found guilty of extramarital affairs would attract serious punishment, such being whipped and forced to wear the letter A.D on the front of their clothing, thus showing the whole society of his or her immoral conducts (Morality, p.96). Bias was however visible in terms of punishment levied on the two sexes. A woman found to be involved extramarital affairs would attract much punishment, but if a man in similar situation was caught, there was little involvement on the issue, thus exposing double standard in the meting  of social justice as much as sexual proximity was concerned (Demos, p.97).

In this paper, I have shown that Demos has clearly illustrated the overall life of the Pilgrim people, with the help of social analysis of the everyday happenings in the society. The people’s legendary lifestyle has evolved overtime, in terms of work, home and family relationships; Plymouth material setting; and the 17C life cycle of the people. I have discussed these themes as reflected by the author’s use of structural representation, life of wife and husband. Basically, the mythical perceptions have been confused by the people who had done early works, with imaginations that people had some completely different lives in Plymouth and elsewhere, a notion that is surely untrue. I tend to agree with the author that some of the mythical beliefs have been exaggerated, as historical aspects of life shows that people had a diverse form of lifestyle, and that the need to acknowledge the past as part of the present is critical in the understanding of modern lifestyle.

I am deeply convinced that Demos has had a critical observation, with numerous artifacts to support these facts as they unfolded. Once we accept these facts, the mythical beliefs rampant among Americans minds would be critically eliminated for a complete understanding of our lifestyle. 

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