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What is the American Dream? Who are the most likely people to follow its often indefinable accomplishment? The phrase “American Dream” has been used in many ways, but fundamentally the American Dream is an in initiative which puts forward the idea that that all people can be successful through working hard and that everyone has a potential to live happily, and lead successful lives. Definitely, the American Dream represents each and everyone’s attainment of numerous goals that to each individual are specific. While a version of the American Dream to one individual may be buying a home with a fence of white picket, another one may regard the American Dream as the ability to run his business economically. It is clear that there is no cut and dried description of the American Dream as far as two different individuals have meanings of the phrase that are different. Whatever the American Dream does is to represent universally the people to pursue their collective and individual needs under the umbrella of politics of democracy.

In the nineteen fifties, the 'age of suburbia', the American Dream was characterized by the capability to live safely, to own a home, and in a society of like minded people. The great mass departure to the suburbs from cities was a definition of the American idea of a ‘good life'. The American Dream has always been and always will be what makes the United States America great. The American Dream allows individuals with ambitions to formulate them come true. In America the only thing one needs is to have a dream and the will to follow that dream. In America the only thing one needs is a dream and the enthusiasm to go after that that dreams. Ambition is what makes the American dream what it is today by being the driving force. The American Dream allows each and everyone with an ambition, a yearning, and a desire to carry out the dream as an individual. The American Dream is not influenced by the race one belongs to, gender religion or creed but it represents something great and something that each and everyone can make every effort to achieve. A dream can be longing for things that are great.

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The American Dream creates space for dreams to be realities in America. Webster's New World Dictionary, defines the American Dream as "An American social ideal that' stresses egalitarianism and especially material prosperity". To live the American Dream is to become successful. It gives room for anyone, poor or rich an opportunity to become successful. American Dream is the capability to grow from grass to grace and to make it in whatever you do it calls for persistence and patience. Persistence, hard work and the yearning are key to achieving something better. To posses these qualities and to have the desire and aspiration to pursue something is a part and parcel of the American Dream.

The Joy Luck Club is a most important foundation for all that is in the American Dream. The daughters and mothers clearly struggle to maintain their Chinese ways of life while still in quest of the American Dream. They all endeavor to have an association with one another that is commendable to the eyes of the viewer. As one endeavors to succeed in chess the other is after becoming the best in playing piano. At the same time, others are simply trying to appear respectful to the viewer’s eyes. Getting of independence from their husbands after trials is a great step forward towards their American Dream. In addition, the respect and freedom as of their mothers is being sought after and is before long established. The objectives of each of the characters were achieved because of their persistence and the various traits required in getting hold of one's individual dream.

The office of the president of the United States of America is one that demonstrates the American Dream. In the America, we have seen two farmers, an actor and a black become President. The late president Bill Clinton was a farmer and Jimmy Carter was also a farmer, a peanut farmer. Ronald Reagan was an actor with the “B" movie. President Obama is the first black to become the president of the United States of America. All these shared a common dream, to one day become the President of the United States and at the end of it they all succeeded. Their accomplishments are a part and parcel of the American Dream because each had a motivation and the desire to ensure their dream becomes true and that is they wanted. Once in office their work is to make the American Dream achievable by others. All these presidents are living evidence that the American Dream is achievable by everyone. Each and every day many people harvest the benefits of running after their dreams and for persisting even when things seemed not to work. Everyday, an individual has a dream and each day many people act on their dreams. America is truly a land of opportunities and the American Dream is the source of the main beliefs upon which the United States of America was founded. United States of America was established by people who had the aspiration for independence and a yearning to construct home in a nation that belonged to them and that is the American Dream.

Our fore fathers struggles so that the generation to come would be able to make their dreams come true. They struggled for the American Dream, for the freedom. They struggled for the American Dream, they fought for equality. They wanted to give us an opportunity of the American Dream which is life, liberty and happiness. The American Dream is embodied by the drive and the desire to pursue an individual’s aspiration. Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and obama all had dreams and all were dedicated to fulfill their dreams. None of their efforts would have succeeded without the American Dream. The American Dream includes the whole lot that helps to generate happiness in the United States of America. Truly, the American Dream is great and it sets America apart from others. It makes America outstand. It matters not where you come from or who you are, but all you need is to have a dream.

The humble families have just about all that the described Hollywood families contain, but this is not sufficient for the reason that our contemporary society is incapacitated with greed. Each and everyone want additional and more and we are not contented with our money, family and health. For one to live the American Dream, one has to believe that he/she can succeed and agree to hard work morality and ethic to take charge in life. We don't seem to comprehend that other towns around the United States of America are far less great to us, and we fail to comprehend how fortunate we are to exist in this dream. "You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do they light a lamp and hide it under a bush, but on a stand so that everyone can see it. Similarly, let your light shine among the people, so that they observe your good works and give glory to your heavenly Father" (Matt.5:14-17).

In Ralph Ellison's The Invisible Man, to be an African American born was attract downfall and chaos in the government of whiteness. Ellison's storyteller labors in darkness and becomes de facto imperceptible. The Invisible Man is a story telling the segregation of self-illumination which is the obscurity of the soul in the deficiency of identity.  Ellison repeatedly refers to the black man's "cast down" (Ellison, 30) position. Many amongst us have been living the American Dream, either our friends, actors, or soccer stars. Many of those living the American Dream sometimes they don’t realize it for the reason that they want even more that what they already have and for this reason we view them as being greedy. I personally feel that I am living the American Dream “Humble is at own full of spoiled children who have been living the dream since they were born, and only know, at this age, they a restarting to realize it."(Delahoussaye). The people, the students in our schools, and those living in wealthy towns view living of the American Dream as for the actors and for the sport stars.  They are living the American Dream for the reason that they have all they need or so it appears. It is important to know that even sports stars and actors also have their problems in life may be family problems or drug problems that we hardly ever catch a glimpse of.

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